The State of Sad!

The Trump cult, part religion, part side-show snake oil hawker, a dash of pointy hat wearing, a touch of internment camp playing to unfounded fears, a soupcon of inspiring downright insurrection, and a dash of Jim and Tammy Bakker-esque style gimmie yer $$$$ you disgusting plebs. Any privileged person with an axe to grind, a large amount of money to protect (I’m looking at you, various rappers who shall remain nameless), or else just an average American who was made to feel like they were at a Bruce Springsteen show and they were being lauded for their whiteness and blue collar down home apple pie and old glory superiority kick in the way that made them feel like superstars.

Yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to think about Trump, but it strikes me that some people in this beautiful country are having trouble getting over their love affair with identity politics, and are left feeling bereft occasionally squawking buzzwords like some punk yelling gabba gabba hey at a Ramones gig as if they have a particularly virulent form of tourettes that takes a disturbing turn for the worse. I used to know a guy had a terrible problem getting past a conversation without yelling “fuck! Cunt! Whore!” We knew it was ‘just’ his Tourette’s and so eased conversation along, occasionally giggling inappropriately at the aptness of his exclamations. It must be so tiring. Thing is these stragglers on the Trump train are not incapable of stopping. They just don’t realize how out of time they are.

Out of touch, out of time, out of their minds, babbling about Communists, which appears to them to be anyone or anything they do not like. Broccoli? Has to be communist, disgusting stuff. You know what isn’t communist? Good old American beef steak. Masktards! Plandemic! They can’t stop themselves exclaiming while having tantrums in Costco and studiously lifting masks to cough at anyone they see whom they presume to be one of the enemy. Some funky virus as a built in weapon – a case for evolution if ever I saw one.

We have all moved on, but they never will. I know we aren’t meant to be shaming people, reunifying and all that jazz, but I miss the good old fashioned real Republicans of old. I think they need to take it back to Lincoln. Offer sensible realistic thinking, freedom of speech, and a real alternative that doesn’t look like cut price night at the bingo. Politics is meant to be serious. It isn’t meant to be parties (rallies) with balloons and working the crowd like it’s 1939 in Nuremburg. It isn’t meant to be dividing and conquering America. It isn’t meant to be gambling with the nation’s health and wellbeing. Sad! Sleepy Joe! Loser! Art of the Deal! Bing Bing Bing Bong Bong Bong! Chy-Nya! Fantastic! Great! To be frank, I am worried for them. The melt down is real, folks.

There is no deconditioning, I think eventually the whole thing will fizzle out into a mélange of embarrassment and criminal charges all around. Though I do think I might be able to help: I prescribe the playing of Out of Time daily on Fox news, alongside informercials that make it clear that the whole Q thing was a scam, and that we aren’t doing that shit anymore. The Lawyer for the Capitol storming idiots, Jacob Chansley (who if they had not been white none of them would have not been alive to be dragged through legal process, let’s face it. White privilege allowed them to storm the Capitol with barely a casualty), should be brought on as a regular pundit, and given free rein. No editing. The man looks like he has been pushed past any point of kindness and gentle talk. I half expect him to start working for the prosecution out of sheer moral outrage, poor bastard.

Trump Derangement Syndrome might well be a legitimate defense against insurrection charges, I’ll be interested to see what holds out – the desire to stay out of jail, or the need to maintain superiority through Trump in which they trust, come hydrochloroquinne or Communist invasion. If you see any of them fighting with the hapless Mr Chansley, while he tries keep them away from long stays in supermax, you know good sense has lost the plot. How does freedom suit em now? Where was the Don when his army answered the call and stormed democracy itself?

That isn’t to say I am a huge fan of Biden and Harris. The most I can say is they are not Donnie. I’ve come to the conclusion that all politicians are swine, just some are more swinish than others.

Don’t you miss the days when politicians were just caught with their pants down, or begging for campaign money from dubious sources? I guess the fun of thousands of people chanting your name like a mantra, supreme power, and control over the world’s resources was enough to attract one heck of a showman narcissist with enough neurolinguistic programming power to shame the scientologists and put the political and social fat into the fire. Time to smother the embers. I love this country, I want to see it rise from the hardships of the pandemic and cease to be the butt of international anger and jokes. I just hope brighter minds than me can see a way through.

It’s just the aftermath. Ask the Stones.


  1. Time Traveler of Life

    I thought the four years of “He who must not be named” would never end. I miss the real republicans that did make an honest attempt at compromise for the greater good of the people that hired them. Most of this group of thieves only want to line their pockets. It is a mystery to me as to why they cannot see that they are killing this world for the almighty dollar. Why can they not see we are all in this together? As I get older that little cabin in the wilderness is starting to look inviting.

  2. Ariana

    Well, as someone who currently lives in Arizona, all I can say is have you seen any of the coverage on the mostly privately funded recount that’s going on over here for the 2020 presidential election ballots? There were already two other official recounts that had bipartisan observers, so I’m not talking about those now historical relics but rather the one ordered by our state Republican legislators and being overseen entirely by a privately contracted partisan group. A company with a leader who publicly endorses election fraud conspiracy theories. 🤦 The one where our current Secretary of State says that the company contracted by the Republican legislators has so badly compromised voting machines that they must be replaced because they can no longer be reliably trusted… Oh honey, I sadly fear this hot mess of a truth-assaulting train wreck is far from over. 😱

    1. The Paltry Sum

      Hello from California….I hate all politicians almost equally. Almost. The Truth is dead, freedom is coughing in a covid ward, and me….I am just trying to survive…The vote has been certified, why are they bothering recounting?

      1. Ariana

        Because they think the real people coughing and dying in COVID wards are just a scary story told to frighten children that just want their freedoms from mask mandates, and they have hooked and nailed their careers to pandering to Trump’s ego and lies just as surely as love was used to hook someone to the wall in one of your poems. The loyalty he demands is reminiscent of what you would see in a cult, and the reactions of his followers remind me of that also. It’s easier than most people realize to get pulled down that rabbit hole. Those who are lending their voices to amplify his lies don’t see it in that light. Nobody in that situation ever does. They are doing this farce of a third recount, and not using the legally recognized recount procedures, which is being publicly commented on by Trump on a regular basis, because there are people who have bought what he has said hook, line, and stinker. And others may not privately buy it, but they believe that for the sake of their political careers in the Republican party they need to publicly act like they do. It is a frightening assault on the truth.

      2. The Paltry Sum

        To be frank, the rallies descended into something I could only compare to Nazi Germany. Unfortunately Biden doesn’t appear to be the answer, at least as far as I can see. I try not to look too hard, and concentrate on the aforementioned survival. 🥂

      3. Ariana

        No worries Ms. Sum, I picked up on your general feelings about politicians in general from the post itself 😊 I think it’s an easy trap to fall into for anybody, to think that what they believe in is what is really going on or the only way to be. Politics is about power. People are squabbling for power here, and over ideological supremacy. And unfortunately, people with less of it always get hurt in the process. Take good care of yourself!

      4. The Paltry Sum

        I am so glad! I try to be careful, as Trump managed to raise my bloodpressure to terrifying amounts, and I am determined to hold onto my apolitical stance if I possibly can. It is not that their power struggles and the ensuing disasters don’t infuriate and terrify me, it is simply that I have not much energy left over to deal with it. You take great care of yourself too. Very nice talking to you. I am not usually this dull, I have had one heck of a day!

      5. Ariana

        I understand in my own way. I have my own things that drain my energies, and some days by this time of night I can’t even summon up the energy to wonder where my thoughts have gone . I think the issue of politics has become much more divisive to talk about in the last four to five years. Once upon a time more people could disagree about politics and still maintain a civil conversation. I like to listen to everybody’s perspectives, and even though I have my own views, I want to try to make enough space for others that they know I will love and welcome them even if they think differently than I do. And some of my remaining friends think very differently than I do and that is okay. I didn’t think you were dull, my world is often a very lonely world, and it would be even lonelier if it weren’t for my son’s therapists. But most of them are here only because they are paid to be here. Emily alone is still here as a therapist because of her friendship with me and love for our family. So, it was a pleasure to have somebody respond to me and have a bit of a dialogue. I think you may have even been the hero of my day actually💜 Hope you have a better night, I am headed off now to help get kiddos to bed, and spend some time relaxing and putting away laundry. Which is definitely not relaxing, that last task😩

      6. The Paltry Sum

        I am always here to talk if you need some company. Feel free to write to me at or via the feedback page on my blog. I am glad I could be a little distraction or at least some fun, and promise I am much better company on any day except Tuesdays. You are the Shero, Ari. xx HUGS!

    1. The Paltry Sum

      Ah, if only! I am very fond of the computer simulation hypothesis. That said, it is a dangerous avenue to go down psychologically – if a person thinks that none of this is real, then their actions have no real moral consequences, and the sole goal becomes being entertaining enough to be allowed to continue as a ‘main storyline’….I prefer to leave such meanderings to more esoteric individuals.

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