The Paltry Sum

Almost A Year: Anniversary Blues

It has been almost a year since we moved into the little apartment in the Tenderloin. Almost a year since we left the shelter. In November it will be two years since I left the road with the Boy and ran down to San Francisco, trying to find a way to carry on despite the […]

selective focus grayscale photography of baseball

To Vin Scully

As long as I have watched Baseball you were in the box Telling me what the score was And who the crowd were Chanting for. You danced across unassisted Double plays and 100 Mile per hour fast balls: You never missed a strike You never missed a call. Your final game of your Career was […]

black luggage bag beside door

Being a Tourist

Jarvis Cocker once stood on the stage of Glastonbury, and sang the immortal words ’cause everybody hates a tourist / Especially one who thinks it’s all such a laugh’ and to be frank, I think he was never more correct. Tourists are the scab that forms on summers, taking over vast swathes of the world, […]

Denied Perfect Connection

(Image of Myself Computed They Were Pearls by Emily Dickinson) Your hand reached out for the Same book as mine Ungloved. Naked. Lingering Veins standing out Like flags Full of blood. It lingered on my Purple gloved paw As we both stared at Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems Fall towards the floor. You caught it before […]

fine sandy dunes in dry desert

The Handful of Sand: Survivor’s Song

I took a handful of sand Made a clamshell shape Pressed it between my hands. But it crumbled and ran Through my fingertips Escaping from me Refusing to be bottled Like an impossible Model of a ship. I sprinkled what was Left with water to slow The disintegration down But it turned into a muddy […]

round silver colored chronograph watch

Living In A Pressure Cooker

I live under constant extreme pressure, I always have done. My entire life, both as a child and an adult was under pressure from all sides. As an abused child and teen I was always made to feel like my abuse was my fault. I was made to feel like running away was something terrible […]

cityscape with high rise buildings in downtown

Rooftop Dreamed Up

I dreamed you up On a rooftop Of a New York Dive And I conjured you Out of moonlight And Sunday smiles You were dancing In the fallen leaves You were Conceptualized In the jazz bar jive You were tiptoeing So gently across My mind. You were a notion That I caught You were a […]

city buildings and trees during golden hour

Sunset Boulevard In The Spring

Sunset Boulevard in the spring I don’t know what mess I’m in My hands are tied but my head is clean Is it a saving grace or a pyramid scheme? Driving wheel, guiding light My feet are floating, my wig’s on tight A bag of pills, outta sight Collect my thoughts and hold on tight […]

Joni Mitchell, Newport 2022. More Than A Queen

Joni Mitchell, supported by Brandi Carlile and friends, played a full set at the Newport Folk Festival yesterday. The last time she played Newport was in 1967 at the age of 24. Now at 78 years old, and having survived a brutal brain aneurysm in 2015, no one ever expected her to take the stage […]

photo of three jeans

My Clothes Are My Armor

There are things which should not be, yet they are. We do not talk about them for fear of giving men yet another way to justify beating or raping us. We do not say how we look at drunk young women, defenseless and beautiful, their soft flesh on display, and say prayers to Gods we […]


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