The Paltry Sum

man standing and facing boats on water

All The Ships Are Coming In

I went to the Embarcadero yesterday afternoon, and stood on the edge of the pier watching the ships come in. All the little birdies coming home to roost. One thing I have learned in all this mess I am personally embroiled in, that has become my life, or what passes for it, is that things […]

city skyline during golden hour

Bay-Be It’s Cold Outside

San Francisco is freezing today. I have the heating on, I am sitting under my quilt wearing my Slytherin bathrobe (come on, did you really think I was a Hufflepuff?) and drinking hot pumpkin-spiced tea. My hands are freezing and I can’t feel my feet. This is not why I live in California. I know […]

unrecognizable woman in bdsm outfit in dressing room

The Balenciaga Saga

There are some acts of evil, so evil and damaging, so sick and depraved that they are off limits. Society reports on the news, provides cops to hunt down perpetrators, jails to lock them up in for currently inadequate amounts of time, physicians to heal and counsellors to understand. That is where our involvement ends […]

white and black tree illustration

Wayward Mother

I don’t know whose eyes You got but they surely Were not mine. Nor your nose, as small And round as a button Or a stone that had been Filed down by unfriendly Tides. Your forehead belonged To a bigger person Than I could hope to be It curved around so roundly: You did not […]

st john s wort in close up photography

St John’s Wort and Christmas Trees

I have a sprig of St John’s wort in a vase by my window. It didn’t cost much, just a few bucks and according to the labels had been flown here all the way from Ethiopia. I wonder what a St John’s Wort farm in Ethiopia looks like? Are the people happy? Do they like […]

clown creepy grinning facepaint

International End Violence Towards Women’s Day is a Dangerous Joke

Hashtag #OrangeTheWorld was trending this morning. Everyone from the European Commission, politicians of various kinds, official State twitter accounts and the virtue-signaling media and arts types to your average opinion-owning Joe and Johanna were all making sure they put their hashtags and empty sentiments in place so they got those virtuous likes. The powerful cannot […]

vivid autumn leaves scattered on ground

Thanksgiving ’22

This will be my eighth Thanksgiving. I remember my first one being one of bitter disappointment. I had thought that we had a chance of some kind of happiness, of resolution. I still thought we could get free of the problem that kept me tied to Japan and tied to the man I married. I […]

back view photo of white dove perched on palm tree branch


“It’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down trees, they’re putting up reindeer and singing songs of joy and peace…I wish I had a river I could skate away on…” (Joni Mitchell. River. Blue album) There is finally some peace outside my window. I wish I had some internal peace to match it. The screamer and […]

yellow and orange flowers in a megaphone

The Sounds of Violence: From my Window

Sometimes I wonder if my life will ever just be quiet and stay quiet. I doubt it somehow. I thought this time here would be quiet, but no. After a few weeks break, the very loud, very aggressive and in my opinion, very dangerous person is back just outside my front door. This is eminently […]


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