The Paltry Sum

Patreon: Help To Keep Me Writing!

Become a Patron! I hate doing this, but at the request of my best friend, Ruth, I thought I would put up a little reminder that I have a patreon account and would really appreciate the support to help me be able to keep on writing! Clicky button above… I have been growing hyacinths. I […]

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Tempting Fate

I hurt. Man, do I hurt. My back hurts, my legs hurt, my hands and shoulders hurt. I am like a old punch drunk prize fighter that settles down for retirement with a bottle and a small smile at the pain, except I’ve used all my tickets up to the booze carnival. Most of the […]

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Up On The Hill

I generally turn out of my door and do not walk further into the Tenderloin. I walk north out of my neighborhood, turning away from Union Square, away from downtown, away from Market and Mission. I live in the northern part of the ‘Loin, on a quieter block. My unhoused neighbors and those who live […]

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Outside In

I have to get out the house at least once a day. If I don’t get outside of these lovely walls I start to chew my fingernails and worry at the fabric of my cuffs, fraying my sleeves and unpicking the knitting of my only sweater. I have trouble being caged. Is it wrong to […]

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Mourning That Which Was, Surviving that which Is: Get Back and Macca

There is something so 2018 about Macca’s carpool karaoke. Those poor schmucks, gathered in a bar, close together, hugging and sweating and breathing without masks on, have no idea what life holds in store for them all. They don’t know what is brewing in some lab, or in some sickened bat, or that we would […]

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He Ain’t Heavy….He’s My…

“I’ll meet you at 6 on Fourth and Grove, I’ll be at that payphone, The one that you know. Be sure to have all of the Money. I’ll know if you cheat me. And this time I won’t find it so very Funny.” I tried to tell him With my eyes That I wasn’t Going […]

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The Fat Man and Me

“Turn around!” The fat man said, “Let me see you from A different angle.” He shook his head, And putting his hands On my cold puckered skin And licking his lips As he leered and grinned, He spun me Like a ballerina on Some chopping block Pedestal. “This foot is a 5 But the other […]

The Poppy Diaries, 4: Channel Changing

Sunday The poppies are growing strong and spindly. Bright green and hearty. I think they like me. I think they know me better than I know myself. Even if they fail to bloom, let alone develop into petalless pods, the experiment will have been worth it. I was not expecting them to germinate, and so […]

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The silent night was shattered by a single highly excited “Whoooooo hooooooo!” I spend a lot of time awake in that twilight state between consciousness and sleep. If it is cold I put my head under the quilt and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist. If I get up and do anything any […]


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