The Paltry Sum

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There She Goes Again….or the terror of having an opinion….

There I go again….I try and be guarded, not too opinionated, not too hot nor too cold, not too disagreeable whilst walking the line between betraying myself and others by a cool fake indecisiveness on things that really matter to me. Every opinion, every voicing, every spoken thought is policed by a healthy regard for […]

In Reply to ‘How Is Your Heart’ by Charles Bukowski

Dear Charles, My heart is fine, no thanks to you. The times I spent on the street corners, under street lamps, in the bathrooms and the shooting galleries, living with men who saw me as nothing but a cunt on legs open for their use so they could fool themselves into a orgasm-addled pastiche of […]

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In Defense of Dakota Skye

Trawling the cheap pages of the less salubrious press in my Saturday ritual of Elvis sightings, drug store cowboys and area 51 bullshit, I stumbled across a story that made me sober up from my trash story reverie. The porn star, Dakota Skye had been found dead in her motorhome in LA on Wednesday. The […]

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Getting Biblical In Cape Cod

The last two years have been more than a little strange. 2020/21 gave us a virus which changed life as we knew it for the survivors and the unthinkable happened for so many that my rational mind cannot comprehend the extent of the loss. Then there were locusts across several continents, a multitude of mice […]

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I heard It On The Radio….

She’s my snapshot honey in the middle of the night, my crack-shot-baby, mouthing from Mapplethorpe’s black and white that everything, every little tiny thing is gonna go galloping the way they will, driving it into the heart of the matter whether you like it that way or not. She’s shining through my headphones like a […]

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Whatever Happened To The Post Junk Dream?

A lot has been written about the juicy depths of addiction and the search for enlightenment through pharmaceuticals, or if the doors of perception remain stubbornly closed to the would-be psychonaught, escape will generally suffice. There is no justice in this world, but there is dope: the great distraction. Somewhere between Burroughs and Hunter S […]

Punk of The Week #3. Elitism And The American Dream

After years of living around complete degenerates and delinquents – senile and of the younger variety, sliding around in the muck with pigs both human and of dubious provenance, renting out my body and soul of various uses in exchange for the ability to dabble in various vices of varying proportions of seriousness I feel […]

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It’s Cleaner in the Marina or 7 Years of Bad Juju, baby

The wind came up quickly today, blew steady all day long, whipping up dust and grime, discarded greasy scraps of fast food wrappers, shed bird feathers and the spent clothes and sleeping bags of a hundred ruined lives along Market and 5th. While cautiously eyeing a squished alien mars bar in half of it’s covering, […]

The Non Partisan’s Song

I went up to the cafe, the cafe on the corner The waitress she came over, came to take my order She offered me bacon, she offered me some eggs But she offered me no solution for the fire in my head We had just come off the mountain in the springtime of our souls […]


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