The Paltry Sum

The Ghosts of North Beach: The Clockwork People of Jackson Square (8)

Ghosts of North Beach: The Clockwork People of Jackson Square If, as they say, God spanked the townFor being over-frisky,Why did He burn His churches down,And spare Hotaling’s whiskey?          Charles K. Field The clockwork people of Jackson Square come out every night into the Barbary Coast, performing their mechanical duties, running through the same night over and […]

Be The Right Kind of Victim…Or Else!

Let’s face it, people, I am not the right kind of victim. I am not a fashionable kind of woman. The right kind of victim is blameless in all areas of life; and not only that utterly healthy, both mentally and physically. Only truly clean female machines are needed in this sparkling society, baby. They […]

closed white wooden framed glass windows

Noisy Neighbors

My neighbor’s curtains are ragged They hang in tatters and shreds I wonder about the state of his soul: If his spirit is alive or dead. He plays Bruce Springsteen loudly He yells along with The Clash Perhaps he is in there dying Maybe he is just getting smashed. I wonder about the days he […]

Ghosts of North Beach Part 7

Exeunt, stage left. Pursued by Maria The Grateful Dead Society had held an emergency meeting the night before I was due to go to play stage hand, and sometime extra. I had the job of various older female parts. Woman on a park bench, old woman at window, understudy for Glad Hand. I was dreading […]

Ghosts of North Beach 6

“So why do you even care about saving this kid?” Brando was slouching against the kitchen door and inhaling the steam from a fiercely hot cup of coffee, while I made a tuna salad sandwich.   “Why not? I presume he has a mother, father, people who love him. He doesn’t appear to be actively […]

Ghosts Of North Beach: Part 5

Back in the High Life Again I rolled back into my apartment in the early hours of Friday morning. It was still dark outside, but there were signs that the dawn was coming up fast on the day. I was far too tired to safely do much, but started the hot water flowing and jumped […]

Ghosts Of North Beach Part 4

The Grateful Dead Society My apartment was quiet and felt almost as if it was expecting something to happen when I returned to it. I had left the curtains drawn and the television on, trying to fill up the emptiness with sound and softened light in my absence. In the end life is a series […]

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A Couple Of Days Off

I am feeling like an elastic band stretched between two moving points and slowly taken beyond snapping point. Of course my idea of snapping is relatively peaceful and at worst would involve a bottle of rum (they have stopped making 151, the monsters) and feeling sorry for myself. Apparently over the last year and a […]

Ghosts of North Beach: Part 3

Joey and Maria It took me a few years of tortured attempts to first ignore, then embrace and finally learn how to live with my ‘gift’. First I was scared. Then I was proud. Nowadays I am just tired and a little curious. No such entente had been reached by Maria and Joey. Since her […]


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