The Paltry Sum

Another Planet

There is a pit of grief and guilt and pain that is so smooth sided it is impossible to climb out of. I don’t know if I will be able to scrabble up the sides today. Instead I am going to try and just survive it. Stop struggling, stop climbing and give in to it. […]

multicolor heart shaped candies

Don’t You Wish You Never Met Me? Eros Thanatos Drive By Baby

I am a curse. I am not boasting. It feels like the posturing of those old bluesmen and their 60 minute man fuck fest boasting of their supernatural boners that never go flaccid as they leave through the back door, or enter by it, I suppose. Whichever, whatever, it really doesn’t matter at this point […]

People Who Died/C’mon Billy

I got up and threw open the windows. I was suffocating in here, I couldn’t breathe, the air was hot and stagnant. I woke up crying. I didn’t even realize it. Tears were running down my face and making my pillow soggy. I must have been crying in my sleep. I had dreams. Dreams of […]

Shigeroku and the Maiko

The inside doorways in my apartment have no doors on them. There is no way to shut the kitchen or hallway off from my bedroom/living room. I gave the Boy the bedroom. Light floods in from the fire escape, and the hallway. I had to do something. I was not up for beaded curtains like […]

Off To The Races

I got banged around the head a bit too hard think. Prob going to get dressed and go to the ER if I can make myself go. I really don’t want to damn delta. I guess this smack round the head wont kill me. Probably better to just stay home and wait it out, see […]

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Fade Into The Darkness

It has been hot today, but night has brought a cool breeze, a welcome shiver, as the headlights and the riders and the drivers fade into the night, and are born again into the darkness as they slip downhill into the shadows that lead out into the city and the roads and the highways and […]

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I’ve two minor black eyes, a cracking headache, I am dazed, aching and slightly nauseated. The boy spent last night sitting on the edge of my bed watching me as I fell asleep. He wouldn’t leave my side. I found him curled up at the foot of my bed like a puppy this morning, with […]

led signage on a storefront

The State of Detroit

Yeah, I know, it is a city not a state. It is also me. Somehow via Joni Mitchell, and her Richard, who she saw for the last time in Motor City in ’68, and my unhealthy obsession with Fred Sonic Smith and Iggy Pop, Alive Cooper, Patti Smith, Little Willie John and Glen Frey. Heck […]

The Fake Victimhood of Abusive Men

I am not about to give publicity to the piece of shit that is the deceased Petito’s ‘boyfriend’, but seeing the images posted to his interest (being careful here – there is nothing to say that HE posted them I guess..fuck it. Abusers are given way more rights than those they hurt and kill), I […]


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