Hello/About Me

I write. I write about the past and the present. I write what amounts to my memoirs, and something of my daily life in San Francisco. I sometimes write poetry. I sometimes dabble in beat. I write about surviving against the odds.

Much of the content I write is mature – I do not write for children. I write about difficult subjects that are not suitable for an immature or easily offended audience. This is my own space and I express myself as I wish to, so please read with the caveat that I am writing not only for you, but also for myself.

I am a feminist, of the radical gender critical type. If this offends you, simply pass on by. I am not writing for you.

I do not live a conventional life, mostly due to escaping an international marriage in which I was violently abused over many years. I write about running away and finding new places to stay. I write about addiction, my own resolved issues, and those of people I love and have loved. I’m pretty good at kicking against the pricks, but not great as doing what I’m meant to do.

I will occasionally post some photographs and reviews here as I am a fickle creature and get bored easily.

Because of my dangerous and unresolved circumstances, if you comment or reply to me, please refer to me as Paltry, not any name that you think might belong to me. I write about extreme domestic violence, I survived it, and my anonymity is central to my safety. Thank you.

This is the paltry sum of a life lived on the move.

I guess I should say, if you quote me, please attribute it to The Paltry Sum, and could you please drop me a line and ask before using any of my words, poems, photographs or music, so I can make sure I’m credited? Thanks! All work is my own, for what it’s worth. I use Pexel free images, and label my own photographs as such. All rights and copyright to my own work fully reserved by virtue of it being published in a fixed state, as in accordance with US copywrite law. I do take action if I see my work plagiarized.

If you wish to re-blog one of my posts, please ask first – I will not co operate with blogs I am ethically opposed to,