Detroit Richards: Writer Biography

I am a writer based in San Francisco. I have a particular interest in writing about the Hague Convention on Parental Child Abduction, homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, social inequality and feminism. I also have a particular interest in the issues surrounding freedom of speech and expression and the rise of identity politics.

I also write memoir pieces, due to my lived experience around these issues, and dabble in writing audiophile articles. I have been described as a culture blogger, but like to think of myself more as a renaissance woman. I write somewhat successful poetry, and am currently writing a novel called, The Ghosts of North Beach, that I will be pitching in the late summer of 2022.

I am open to new proposals from publications on the subjects outlined, and may be contacted at or via my ‘contact me’ form on this website.

Much of the content I write is mature. I write about difficult subjects that are not suitable for an immature or easily offended audience, I never pull my punches, but like to think I remain objective and fair. I’m pretty good at kicking against the pricks, but will always remain an iconoclast and a rebel at heart.

Because of my dangerous and unresolved circumstances, if you comment or reply to me, please refer to me as Detroit Richards, not any name that you think might belong to me. I write about extreme domestic violence and how I survived it, and my anonymity is central to my safety. Thank you.

If you quote me, please attribute it to The Paltry Sum / Detroit Richards. I am also to be consulted and before using any of my words, poems, photographs or music, so I can make sure I’m credited. All rights and copyright to my own work fully reserved by virtue of it being published in a fixed state, as in accordance with US copyright law. I do take action if I see my work plagiarized.

I am not open to reblogs, though always appreciate the support.

I have been published on 4W, Filia, Street Sheet (San Francisco), and Invisible People.

My Patreon is at I always appreciate the support that my readers give me and love to hear from you all.

Thank you for reading The Paltry Sum!

Detroit Richards

25th April 2022