I write. I don’t write fiction: it is all autobiographical. I write about the past..and the present..I write about life on the road. I write about love…and loss. I write about surviving against the odds. I do not live a conventional life, partly due to escaping an international marriage in which I was abused. I write about running away and finding new places to stay. I write about addiction, my own resolved issues, and those of people I love and have loved. I’m pretty good at kicking against the pricks, but not great as doing what I’m meant to do. I can’t wait to get to know you.

You will also find some poetry, photographs and reviews here, as I am a fickle creature and get bored easily.

I might also ask, if you comment or reply to me, if you might refer to me as Paltry, not any name that you think might belong to me. I write about extreme domestic violence, I survived it, and my anonymity is central to my safety. Thank you.

I might also be slightly in love with Patti Smith.

This is the paltry sum of a life lived on the move.

I guess I should say, if you quote me, please attribute it to The Paltry Sum, and could you please drop me a line and ask before using any of my words, poems, photographs or music, and make sure I’m credited? Thanks! All work is my own, for what it’s worth…If a photo is not credited, its mine, so please don’t use without asking! All rights and copyright to my own work fully reserved…etc….etc..

I hope you enjoy looking around!