Writing the Present

Living Inside

I have lived back inside for six months now. Five years on the road in campers and tents with no inside showers or bathrooms, and now six months of showers whenever I want them, and the walk to the bathroom being across carpet not down trails. I had previously been homeless on a few occasions […]


The Cooking Conundrum

I have to hide my rice cooker. In it I make illicit sweet potatoes. Illegal cassava pasta. Verboten brown rice and forbidden tofu scrambles. We are not allowed hotplates or rice cookers, kettles or other instruments of nutrition. When I explain I have celiac disease and get so very sick with minor cross contamination, and […]



From up here I can see a hill in the distance, it must be Twin Peaks. I can see trees and a horizon: I can see the sky from here. Across the street are other tall buildings with windows in them that have other women who peer out looking at the hill in the distance […]