I’ll just leave this here. It makes my heart glad to see this. Go Girlz! Forget about ‘not hating men’ – when men as a group deserve respect, deserve being liked and respected. When men stop hurting, killing women, mocking and being racist sexist misogynistic jerks then maybe things will be different. Until then..DESTROY THE PATRIARCHY.

Edit: I haven’t been this impressed by a punk girl band since Hole. They know their punk history – named after a Blue Hearts (Japanese Punk Band) song, do a wicked Rebel Girl Bikini Kill cover, and put their own rage spin on things despite the entire band being under the age of 16 have more rage, attitude and melodic punk finesse than I’ve seen from a punk band in years. They could have taken the CBGB’s stage any night…(once they were over the age of 21) and brought the house down.

The Linda Linda’s have signed with Epitaph Records and have an album in the pipeline. The Kid’s Are Alright.


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