I’ll Be Here in the Morning

It’s goodnight from me…and Townes Van Zandt. I’ll stand in my Nikes on Bob Dylan’s coffee table and say that Townes VZ is one of the best folk song writers in Americana history…Anyone who can name the origin of that slightly veiled pop culture reference gets my musical respect, answers in the comments below. That […]


Dink’s Song

Ain’t it always the way, the girls write the great songs…and the boy’s steal em, and take all the limelight. It is a pet peeve of mine that Shake Sugaree, Freight Train and Baby It Ain’t No Lie are known as Grateful Dead songs, when in fact they belong to the late great Elizabeth Cotten, […]


Podcast Blues

I thought I might amuse myself by making a podcast. I set up anchor, and started to read out some blog posts. Friends, I could not do it! I’ve played music live, I’ll happily sing songs, and subject people to my covers of Moonshiner and Hang me Oh Hang me (the latter by the influential […]