I’ll Be Here in the Morning

It’s goodnight from me…and Townes Van Zandt. I’ll stand in my Nikes on Bob Dylan’s coffee table and say that Townes VZ is one of the best folk song writers in Americana history…Anyone who can name the origin of that slightly veiled pop culture reference gets my musical respect, answers in the comments below.

That promise to be there in the morning is one that Townes and people like me can never make. We never know if we will make it there, or if the road will call, or if we will get cold feet and run away to a new city, a new page, a new life, to come back around again…or not…as the case may be. If you find that person that calls to you more seductive than the road ahead I hope that you get to hold onto them as long as you can. It is a precious fragile thing, that kind of love.

There’s lots of things along the road
I’d surely like to see
I’d like to lean into the wind
And tell myself I’m free
But your softest whisper’s louder
Than the highways call to me

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