The Vicious Bullying of Megan Markle

It is a popular sport nowadays, the bullying of Megan Markle and to a lesser extent her rich white uber-toff-gone-rogue husband, Harry Windsor. Even the esteemed news channel Politico, which fancies itself a serious outlet for op-ed hacks, has taken a stab at Megan. Of course a black woman who bagged a Prince was going to get hammered down by the pseudo-intellectuals, palace-owned-journos, and mainstream media. Institutional racism went into a frenzy. These are the same people who hounded Haz’s poor free-spirited mother to death and is now trying to do the same to Megan. You see, despite the fact that the Queen was running the Firm for the last 70 years, it was less her, and more the courtiers and movers and shakers that simply use that cursed family for diplomatic and political purposes. That stuffed shirt Charles might think he has power, but he is no Henry 8th, more a broken figurehead of a country that is searching for meaning after losing its mainstay and anchor, Queen Elizabeth.

I watched all the episodes of Netflix’s documentary. I’ll be honest here, I do not like being lectured to, and felt as if it was presumed that I was a racist, establishment piece of shit, that was waving flags and chasing down Windsors, whilst torturing Harry and Megan’s family, putting them all in terrible danger, and that I needed schooling. It was not a comfortable experience. I went into watching it absolutely on their side. I came out of it feeling attacked. Megan has been the focus of a racist hunt, and was in line to be the new Diana. Let’s face it the insipid Kate Middleton does not have the pizzazz or charisma to ever fill Diana’s pale blue pumps.

Kate is a non-entity, a broodmare who toes the line, bends the knee (so proud of Megan for mocking that curtseying bullshit) and does her duty, despite the fact she will always be ‘doors to manual’, working class scum, not worthy of the marriage she wheedled her way into. Waity Katey has been turned into Princess Kate the untouchable by the same concerted media campaign that sought to destroy Megan. Fair play to Kate, she set her sights on the spineless William and bagged her big game prize. Her children are being trained and exposed to the world, living in a gilded goldfish bowl and gawped at by inbred looking royal fan Brits, who seem to think that this immensely rich family want their musty Paddington bears, crappy toys and half wilted gas station flowers. Still, these well trained show ponies pretend that they are grateful and happy to press flesh and be pawed at, and inflict this strange lifestyle on their poor children. No. Kate was never going to be a Diana. Megan, however with her Hollywood pedigree, her extreme beauty, her poise and natural charisma was always going to be a contender, and that was always going to be potentially lethal.

Harry is not the gawping, mouth-breathing stuffed shirt that his brother seems to be. He has not chosen a mindless submissive woman. He chose to be with someone who is more than his equal, and he clearly adores her, just as she adores him. The love between them is evident in the documentary. I respect the fact Megan and Harry have understood people are going to be interested in their children, but been ultimately protective. Harry recognized the danger his wife was in and has acted accordingly. I respect them, and to be frank I can’t blame the two of them for going on the offensive and presuming that everyone watching is against them and needs schooling and chastising. The sheer scale of the war against them, waged by Harry’s family using the media as a weapon must make them feel as if the entire world is against them. I suspect I would be feeling exactly the same way had I had to cope with the concerted scourging that these hapless love birds have been subjected to. That said, I can’t help but feel as if the producers of the Netflix documentary should have tempered this tendency to lecture, scold and counsel the viewers, that has been engendered by the racist war against Megan, with a large dose of impartiality. It would have been better to simply let them tell their story in a more natural setting rather than feeling as if they are being debriefed as we play fly on the wall to their trauma.

Megan and Harry were never going to be left alone to simply live and be happy. The fact Megan is an actress and lifestyle guru, of a more social media savvy kind , who should be getting those big advertising gigs via instagram, and not some horse-hair covered toff who pops out babies and smiles while having no opinions meant she was always going to be a target. The fact she didn’t cop out of the relationship says a lot about how much she must love him, despite the fact he comes with an long history of ancestral baggage, the family from hades, and is an average looking ginger dude who apparently likes twitching (bird watching for the uninitiated).

I am not a Royal fan. To be frank I think the entire hierarchy needs to be dismantled now the Queen has passed away. It is outmoded, without use, outdated, toxic, and institutionally racist, homophobic and irredeemably establishment. It serves no useful purpose. The UK looks like a country flailing around for an identity post Brexit, and I see no easy salve for that predicament. It certainly won’t be found in Charlie, that old horse-faced whore he cheated on Diana with and is now calling herself Queen. Cohesion won’t be found in William, his allegedly long suffering wife, or their children. The only thing that is vaguely interesting is that allegedly, according to the gossip pages, Wills cheated on Kate, who of course did what she was told and dealt with it in silence, and that William has been given the rather dubious (and to be frank unsupported by any kind of proof I have ever seen) title “The Prince of Pegging”. I don’t know about the veracity of these curious and unsubstantiated allegations that buzz round the internet, and don’t much care. I snorted a little at the sheer absurdity of Wills being fucked up the ass by some countryside sloan ranger with a strap on, and thought it was the most interesting allegation I had ever heard about him. Unlike their father with his ‘I wanna be your tampon’ (to be sung to the tune of “I wanna be your dog?” recorded calls with his bit on the side, I have not seen anything that even looks like evidence. I sure would like to though! That I would tune into Netflix to see!

The fact of the matter is that there is evidence of a substantial campaign against Megan and Harry, and the media has swayed the gibbering masses into universally hating the poor woman. It is not difficult to do. Playing on the prejudices of people who are already racist, jealous and misogynistic is an easy job. Adding to that the immense jealousy from women who dreamt of being a Princess, and who cannot ever dream of being the graceful and beautiful Megan, and the fury of men who hate her feminism, her power, her strength and her unobtainability and you have a powerful mix.

Megan is beautiful, intelligent, has a well developed social conscience and has forged herself a career rising up from a non-privileged background. Her mother seems like a delightful woman, who is protective and kind. I like to think that Harry has found some peace at last now he has his children and his own little family around him. To be he will always be that sad little boy forced to walk behind his mother’s coffin and greet crowds of vultures just after she died a terrible death. I have to admit I like a nice little conspiracy theory and have often wondered about Diana’s death. No doubt Harry does too. He would be a fool (or his brainwashed brother) not to.

The trouble with society is that it loves to kill its idols. Megan was poised to be one of those very few special people. In the age of printed news that Diana existed in, she was hunted down with cameras and lashed with words, scandals and allegations. The war went on pause because they killed their quarry. With Megan the chase was back on, but this time it was a bigger, scarier hunt. Reading the comments online about Megan upsets me immensely. It is misogyny and racism amplified hugely by the fact that anyone can express their opinion and reach large numbers of people. Propaganda and manipulation of the media, as we have seen in the released twitter files, are rife. We do not get the pure truth, we get a version of it that the powers-that-be want us to believe. Truth now means ‘the government and establishment’s desired narrative’. Fact checkers are agents of the establishment and the media is not to be trusted. The truth is out there, but not as we know it, Jim.

The documentary could have been so much better. I am still very much on the side of our escapees from the gilded goldfish bowl. I want them to succeed and be happy and most of all, to escape their almost inevitable tragic future. Shakespeare himself could not have written such a royal tragedy. Harry is trying to escape his fate, and secure the future of his family, and I wish him, and more importantly, Megan, the very best of luck. They are going to need it. The media are a rabid pitbull straining at the leash of their lords and masters, the shadowy ‘man’, the establishment. Right now the two of them have marked cards. They are persona non grata. No one wants to defend them, because when you defend Harry and Megan you are letting yourself in for the same drubbing, bullying and discreditation campaign they have to face on a daily basis. I have no idea how they do it. Megan must be made of strong stuff to absorb the undeserved vitriol she is subjected to from people that really do not know her. I considered keeping the comments open on this piece, but decided not to. I do not want to add to the ability of those that have been played and brainwashed into hating this poor innocent woman, to have their voices heard. Anything I can say here is a mere drop in the bucket. I have neither the platform nor the power to change the course of the narrative against Megan.

I feel for her. As a woman who has survived extreme violence, and someone who has truly suffered I understand what it is to feel as if the entire world is against you. As the mother of a mixed race son I understand the pain of racism at least to some extent. I have no idea what the answer is. I can see that Harry and Megan are fighting hard to get their side of the story told, though feel they have been let down terribly in the telling of it. That is not their fault. They have obligations and bills to pay and needed to take whatever platform they could find that would give them a voice. It is just a shame it was done in such a tone deaf manner.

The fact that people are behaving as if they are in the Roman coliseum, ganging up in a vast online herd, influenced by sophisticated media outlets with an agenda that includes destroying this couple, appalls me. The same attitude killed Diana, and now is only stronger due to the tools available. People are behaving as if they have the right to censure, destroy, hunt down and judge, and it is ugly as sin. There has been a culture shift towards hatred, cruelty and undeserved moral outrage. Everyone who is no one, running on white privilege, hatred, misogyny and jealousy seems to relish in the online battering of Megan Markle.

It is a vicious game and I see no way of ending it happily. I suppose Harry and Megan could take a partial victory, sit in California in silence and try and survive as best they can, but why should they! Perhaps Harry should take some Hollywood acting roles, and Megan too, and say fuck 12 to the whole global effort to keep the establishment in power using the idiocy of the willing ‘serfs’ to serve as tools for torment. I did think Politico was above such bullying, but apparently not. It feels good to these spineless populists be on the side that’s winning, to have that ‘popular opinion’ that gets the likes and the approval of a sick and cruel society. Personally I would rather go to sleep at night knowing I am my own person with my own opinion, and that I am immune to the brainwashing games of the powers that be. Megan is a strong woman. I can only hope she is strong enough to hold on despite this onslaught of racist hatred, and that Harry is enough of a man to reject his heritage and stand by a woman that he is incredibly lucky to have loving him. In the meantime I fear for society. It has become an idiocrasy where anything goes as long as it is dumb, and the propagandists rule the paradigm on behalf of the Patriarchal Establishmentarians who are desperately bolstering their power. The writing is on the wall for democracy and decency. I fear the war has already been lost. We will see.

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