boats floating on the lake

Poems From The Deluge

Desiccation Deluge

Child, you are cracking,
Bones jangling.
You are dice in a tumbler.
I wish I was never your
Doting but stupid mother. 
I see you snapping sixes
Onto a table
Weighed down by
What you are unable 
To release:
You are the wolf
Wearing the pelt
Of a sheep
Hunting yourself
For what is left of 
Your precious
Blood and meat. 

Are you cleaner or
Are you dirty?
Will your starvation
Hurt me? 
Are you dry like the drum?
Do you hide beneath a
Skin that has been split,
Starved of moisture
After being tapped 
And drained of all of it? 
Does your body even hold 
Its rightful moisture?
Is there dust in your veins,
Or are you some other
Kind of monster? 

Are you worn smooth
Like the rock in my pocket?
Did a steady stream shape
That surface curve,
Leaving you jagged 
Under all of it, protected and
Buried beneath the earth? 
I loved you since your birth
But now there is nothing
Left but poison water. 
It falls from my eyes
As I scream into the storm.
I am the prideful foot:
You are the eternal thorn. 

Are you refined by the flood
Or overwhelmed by the waters? 
Is there a desiccation deluge or
Are you floating as you ought to?
Are you dried out in the sun
Thin and papery as the onion
Skin that hides all the 
Irritating juice within? 
Or will all the conjured oceans
Float you to the surface
Where you remain my daughter? 
I tried to go with the flow
Crack the ice that kept me under.
I tried to rend your long-time 
Drought asunder. 
But I was too juicy
I held on to the life-raft and
When the doing was done
I was left to fly my flag
At half-mast while you
Simply moved on. 

There was no air only liquid.
How I wish I had drowned
In the sadness of all of it. 
There is no mercy for mothers.

I started to breathe the flood
Into my lungs and function 
As a golem, a shadow of
A stone fish playing in the 
Bubbles and the foam:
I adapted and you won.
Does the wet season of my
Misery amuse you? 
Are you looking down at me
From your lofty position
Just like you used to? 
Does my desperation 
Please you?
Do you remember how
I used to kiss you goodnight?
Your wet tears on my lips
You tasted like sea salt
And you gathered up all 
Of me to flush away into 
Your endless sinking sea.
I was you. And you were me. 
You were on the shoreline
Immersed in your 
Desiccation deluge. 
I could not catch your drift,
Then came the earth-shattering
Shift, the tsunami of your
I know what you did,
But I never knew what
You meant. 

Here comes the rain again
And this time it will not stop
It will flood whether
You keep your mouth shut
Or not.
Here comes the flood again:
The soaking sheet of water
That nurtures your soul
And destroyed your body
Will fall and overwhelm you
Leaving me saturated.
Was it me or life that
You hated? 
No matter what your
Lean and vicious goals.
It is all too late for you
And the tide is coming in
For me. 
I hate this damned aquatic
Deathly chorography. 

Will you not open your mouth?
Will your lips remain sealed?
Your tidal wave washes over me
But I will refuse to yield. 

Ruled By The Wind

I am ruled
By the wind.
His secrets
Became my
I followed
With nothing 
But my back 
To bluster 
And shoulder
To the rain;
My suitcase, 
Trusty Conair
Hairdryer and 
Trans Am 
Radio haze.
I chased him
Hurtling down 
Tornado alleys,
Tracked him to
Higher ground
When he rallied.
I wanted 
To see what a
Life could do. 
I became
By this mad
Swallowed up
In the flood
Of air the
Deluge of
The ancient
Skies: I cried.  

The wind when 
I found him
Whispered by 
A mountain:
“No heroine, 
Modern or
Flighty or
Patient is 
Going to 
Hunt down my 
Tempests or 
Silent storms!
My breeze is 
For cooling, 
I’ll give you 
A final 
Warning: I’m
Going to 
Blow all your
Dreams right down.

I blew hot 
Air in his 
I tried to 
Him to see 
If I could
Mend him or 
If there was
A message 
I could net.

But all my 
Hot air and 
Untuned flair
Was no match
For the pure
Tear of the
Born storm I

The whirlwind
Stalks the corn
Fields and finds
To throw through
My windows, 
It summoned
A dart to 
The heart of
The matter.
My dreams
Were shatter’d,
But I chased
Him down still.

I can blow
Hot and Cold.
My machine
Has one speed
And no goals.
My air is
Lightning rocks,
Rolls over 
The sky line
Whipping up 
A deluge 
Of earth- dust
My vision.
The wind is 
Mocking it
Laughs at the
Huff and puff 
That I can
Magic up.

The wind leans
In, ruffles 
up my hair
Adjusts my
Dial Until 
He finds a
Song blowing 
In to make
His lofty 
Heart smile:
Still the wind 
Follows me
Mile after 
Gusty mile.

I should have 
Learnt not to 
Chase the wind -
The holy
Tools of the 
Writing on 
My brick wall,
The wind and
The rain and
The nameless
Storm will be
My most harsh
Wild master:
My darling
Deluged in

Go With The Flow

Go with the flow
How high how low
Can you go with the
Water goes downhill
Whiskey goes there too
How low can you go with the flow
Empty bottle blues
                              You say "I need fuel not food"
Just how low can you go with the flow...
And I really don't know how I'm meant to go with the flow
When I'm trapped under the ice.

Blood flows into wine
Whatever yours is mine
When you go with the flow
And I really don't know 
How I'm meant to go with the flow
When I'm trapped under the ice.

Your body can't take much more
I look through your door
                                         You've gone with the flow
Where ever you go, I go.
Six foot to the undertow
But I really don't know how I'm
Meant to go with the flow
When I'm trapped under the ice.
It's empty without you
You're the only one
It's true.
I've gone low with the flow
And I really don't know
How I'm meant to go 
With the flow
When I'm trapped

The Shower

I saw the water dropping
From somewhere up above
I watched the sheets a-coming
In merciless cold blood

The storm was yours only,
I was watching from within
The walls of a drier place,
A cozy smoky inn.

You leaned against the window
And pulled up one fallen stocking
I saw your dead eyes crying
And it wasn’t even shocking.

I saw the water dropping 
On your fairytale world 
I watched your silent stream a-
When I was young and you
Were my contrary little girl. 

They put you under the shower
They pinned you out to dry
But the deluge came and 
There was only pain and
You were no longer
In my world.

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