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I am sitting at my window seat, looking out onto another street.

I’m home.

Let’s gloss over the fact we had no help moving at all, not a suitcase helped with, not a van, nothing. Everyone else in the shelter got that. Lets just skip by the fact it took us from 3.40pm until 7.50pm with many trips hauling heavy bags, and the fact my back hurts. Lets not dwell on the bad or unkind stuff, just for once.

A junkie is using a car side mirror to see to shoot a vein in his neck. He dabs at the blood with a white face cloth. He is getting nowhere. I kinda feel sorry for the smart blue Honda that sits there it’s innocence shattered. A woman is playing a guitar as she walks down the street, singing some song that has no words. It doesn’t need them. I feel her. There are no sirens, no sounds except the rush of the traffic and footsteps on our wood floor.

I have keys in my purse.

I have an avocado and a tethered the phone to my computer to write. I am thinking about tea. I am thinking about inflating a bed. I could not wish for more.

The acoustics in this place are great.

Everything sounds just fine at the not so paltry household.

Everything is adding up just fine.

…and there are the sirens. I don’t know if I should feel proud of where I live, but I love the Tenderloin. I am also glad this is a pretty good block of it.

Did I mention I’m home?


      1. Christopher

        Fuck yeah!! A door! A door that locks. Peace and calm! PRIVACY! You’re own home with privacy!

      2. Christopher

        Ha! Well I’m just thrilled nothing went wrong despite all the BS that happened with you guys moving everything in. I hope you and the boy get some nice, relaxing sleep in the new place.

      3. The Paltry Sum

        The Boy is currently being a teenager, sitting in his room with the door closed listening to music on his phone. I dont think I have ever seen him this happy. I am still in my pj’s and refusing to get up. Actually…I really DO have to get up and do stuff! How are you today?

      4. Christopher

        I’ve got the biggest grin on my face reading this. I’m about to cry…. That’s so fucking awesome! I’m so delighted for you two.
        Why thank you for asking! I’m doing pretty good right now. Unlike yesterday. Man I was a wreck yesterday, it was rough. But today is shining brighter. Hearing that you got those keys and that you two got moved in made that crappy day I had feel better though. If anybody deserves this moment right now, It’s you two!

      5. The Paltry Sum

        He just went out, got me some groceries, and gave me a hug. He just told me he didn’t think it was possible to be this happy.
        So sorry you had a rough day, Chris. Glad to be able to spread some sunshine for a change!

      6. Christopher

        Oh my gosh! That’s incredible So much JOY! It’s moments like that that make life worth living. Soak it in you two! Enjoy every moment of this! You deserve it.
        And thank you Detroit! That’s really kind of you. You did! It makes me so happy to finally see something go right for you.

      7. Christopher

        That means a lot Detroit. I’m going to be alright, I know it. Thank you so much! As they say, “One day at a time, one day a time.”

      8. Christopher

        Well hello Detroit! πŸ˜€ You wanting to know how I’m doing really touches my heart. Thank you so much! I’ve been doing pretty good the last couple of days. So I’m having some positive momentum happening for me lately. I hope you and the boy are doing well.

      9. The Paltry Sum

        Hello there! I am glad you are doing good. Positive momentum is a good thing! That is great to hear. We are both doing great, thanks. I am so so happy in this apartment! I got a mattress today.

      10. Christopher

        YES! That’s just so great! I bet it feels fucking incredible! Just awesome! My heart loves to hear of your happiness. It just keeps getting better and better for you two lately. This is just so lovely to hear.

      11. Christopher

        Great! I’m so happy you two are doing so well now! And you’ve got REAL BEDS! I’ll be checking up on your latest posts soon.

      1. leendadll

        False positive on drug test has screwed up my new job opp but I’m hoping it will all be resolved tomorrow.

        But minus that stress, all is okay.

        I miss visiting SF. I feel like I went all the time, even though I didn’t. I was once the entire cover of the Bay Area Times… holding my transvestite Ken doll while watching the pride parade.

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