Things I learned Tonight

Watermelon jerky is delicious.

15mg of thc edibles is just the right amount for days when you have to bite your tongue and go with the flow. It also makes watermelon jerky taste delicious.

There is a hero junkie that can hit a vein in his neck, cough up a quaalude (sorry Lou), and actually not bother anyone but a blue Toyota. The dude deserves a medal and a bathroom all of his own. Bathrooms for junkies! Junkies are people too!

I can move surprisingly quickly when a 2 year old child darts through a door and into a busy parking lot towards a road. I caught her and returned her. Catch and release does work. Apparently this old mama has wheels. You’re welcome.

My maternal instinct is intact. That baby was on my hip, and forget the virus, giggling in my face like any good little girl who just made a break for freedom. I think I am going to make a good grandma. One day.

15mg of edible thc will also make you rather snoozy towards the end of the ride. I am about ready to collapse onto my blow up bed and call it a night. I think I prefer eating it to smoking it.

I need a television. I miss the damn tv. I need the dulcet tones of the newscasters telling me about this evils of this world and all around to lull me into a false sense of security that someone, somewhere has got this. That the reins are in capable hands. There is one dude on CNN could tell me the fucking world was ending and I’d smile and say “hey, Im sure you got this, dude, or at least know someone who does.” Except I don’t think anyone calls him dude. He would probably shoot them with his ray gun before disappearing into the wide blue yonder talking about trade agreements and conferences looking Plush and Important.

There are some souls on various not so well known parts of the net who grow poppies and refine their own opium latex into smokable material. They are zero impact junkies. Except it apparently takes a lot of poppies to keep up a habit, and refining the latex is a dying art. Literally. I’m not jealous. At least not much. Ok…just a little bit. Not of the dying part. I am enjoying living.

Getting into an apartment, keys and everything might have sent me into a bit of shock.

Goodnight, sweet ladies…(and gentlemen) ladies goodnight


    1. The Paltry Sum

      Leeeeenda! That is so sweet of you. If you really do want to do something nice, just give a bit of what that tv cost to a homeless person, or charity…BIG HUGS. I will be around more now. I have been so depressed recently. xxx hug xx Hope the job op works out!

      1. leendadll

        Job is not working out. Screening lab refused my scrip info… says only some end of life drug could cause false pos. Wants $150 from me to retest same sample (now over 2 wks old!). Job won’t let me start without clean test. I don’t know if they’ll delay start for a retest or rescind the job offer.

      2. leendadll

        And I give generously to charity whenever possible. But I’ll use my free time to finish my wardrobe clearance to donate plus size clothes to the local women’s shelter.

      3. The Paltry Sum

        Oh I know, darling. I just didn’t want to take such a huge and generous gift when I know you struggle. Sending much love. What did they think you pissed posive for? Could you have eaten poppy seeds? A poppy seed bagel? That has been known to cause positive tests. xxx

      4. leendadll

        Marijuana. It was caused by prescription Prilosec. I’ve had gummies but too low level and too long ago for them to be the cause. I knew I had a drug test coming up and even stopped using cbd balm on my knee.

        It is what it is. Life keeps going.

      5. leendadll

        Most companies still have “no drugs” policies. I’m pissed that I can’t get info about the lab, nor a copy of the actual results – esp with 12 pages of comments that it’s a scam.

        Whatever. It’s apparently not meant to be.

      1. The Paltry Sum

        I am so tired, but so happy. Now I just have to not slide back out of this better life. I just have to stay here. I would be happy if I lived here forever, to be honest.

      2. rebecca s revels

        I’m so glad you are happy. Its past time. It is a great opportunity. You have your writing, you have a publisher, make the best of what you have been gifted. I have faith in you.

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