Man o’ peace
Man o’ war
Mano a mano
Man, give me more!

Can you hear the clock
More dangerous than a glock
Can you hear that fatal
Tick and tock
As it locks
On some future point?
Man, your solid state battery 
Of past horrors does not stop
The sting of a hundred thousand
Harmful present shocks.

Man o’ words
Man o’ swords
Man chokes on big bite
Man, the blood fills my sight!

Does the clock keep you awake
Does it make your heart pound, knees shake? 
Do you silently pray
To ancient Gods
Your soul to take?
Do you sneak up and move the arms
A little to the left, a little to the right
What does it take to persuade yourself
You have the will and fury and might
And that you really want to fight fight fight?

Man o’ sorrow
Man o’ tomorrow
Man o’ death not birth
Man digs man into the earth.

Have you travelled a thousand roads?
I have kissed a million toads
Many of them have looked like you.
Man, you say you suffered?
Well, I suffered too!
Man, can’t live with or without you.
Big man wave big stick
Man, your violence makes me sick
Why can’t you draw or paint or write
Man, your humanity is fading out of sight!

Man o’ peace
Man o’ lamb’s fleece
Man o’ passion
Man o’ love
Man hold onto rainbow and dove!

I see the whirling dance
Of the artists of Rome, the poets of France.
Man, I see that ancient waltz of men of song:
Men whom the muse has caught.
Man, I ride the wobbling railroad track
With men of wine and men of broken back.
Man of plenty, man of scarcity
Man of his word, man who put down the sword
Man of sacrifice, man of devotion
Man whose balm makes heavenly commotion!
Man I blame you for being so little
Man, did you too bite into that apple? 
Man of knowledge
Renaissance Man
I dip my paintbrush into your
Watercolor pans
And paint you a picture of how it should be
I show you the sunrise
And you drown me in the sea!

Man o’ ignorance
Man o’ pride
Man o’ feet walking 
Blindly into high tide. 
Man o’ the waves
Man o’ the caves
Man o’ the fields
Man o’ first yields
Man o’ wandering
Man o’ staying
Man o’ kindness
Man can’t you see your
Brothers slaying, praying, failing? 

Man o’peace
Man o’ war
Mano a mano
Man master no more.

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