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Broken Circle

You might be broken
Everything might be fixed
You might have to get a move on
But you need a lift
Taken for a ride
Yer knickers in a twist
Don't you know
To grow roses
You need shovel 
That shit.
It's hit and miss!

You might come up short
When you cross that bridge
You might be wondering
If you really shoulda dug that ditch.
You might have holes in both of
Yer sleeves
You might be living on the edge
It don't matter to me -
You gotta be free!

You might have a plan
But then again
You might be thinking
About kicking that can
All the way into next week
If you sit on yer thumb
Too long
That fence will split ya
Across the great beyond
You gotta sing yer own song!

You might be a hustler
You might be a prick
You might be a wanderer
Yer life on a stick
You might be a conformist
But I don't know about that
Im just shuffling down the road
Finding a place to lay my own hat
If I see ya by and by 
I guess I'm cool with that.

My old man really made me mad
So when he bit that bullet
I was kinda glad
Let this be a warning
Im that kinda bitch
I hardly cry anymore
About the circle getting split
Im lonely as hell
But learnt to get on with it..
I guess I just don't fit. 

When they lowered his body
Into the ground
I let out a laugh
While the preacher frowned
They say there's a better home
A waiting for him
I hope it toasty
As hell and intensely
I don't see a second
Galilee for him

I might be broken
The game is fixed
I need to get a move on
But I need a lift
I've been taken for a ride
Got my knickers in a twist
I guess to grow some roses
I need shovel 
More shit.
I want to stop and smell the coffee
But I ain't got the time for it!

I can't be fixed cause
The circle's broken
I have to get a move on
Maybe after this toke, oh!
I got taken for a ride
There has been a hitch
I've got no flowers
But there's plenty of shit
I guess I'd best get on with it.
It's been a trip....


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