Why I believe sex segregated all female communities – i.e. female separatism is a right that should be available to those of us who are too damaged to live around men.

Not my usual snappy title, but I guess this small aside, an offshoot of thinking about Khan’s assessment of the rape crisis, needed to be written. So what do I think is the solution then? If I had the keys to smashing the patriarchy I would have handed them over immediately. We would be living […]


Dear World

So…I can fish, I used to be able to shoot pretty straight, just at clay pigeons, I can wrangle a horse and start a good safe campfire when weather allows. I can get a tick out safely as possible, and have been known to put a screaming injured rabbit out of it’s misery. In short. […]


All Fools Day

Errands for tartan paint, kick me signs pinned to gullible persons backs, washing lions in the Tower of London, pranks and japes, both jolly and ill-advised all mark the 32nd of March. I’m with Chaucer, don’t even name the day…and don’t play any foxy tricks on me. That is not to say I don’t enjoy […]