Why I believe sex segregated all female communities – i.e. female separatism is a right that should be available to those of us who are too damaged to live around men.

Not my usual snappy title, but I guess this small aside, an offshoot of thinking about Khan’s assessment of the rape crisis, needed to be written. So what do I think is the solution then? If I had the keys to smashing the patriarchy I would have handed them over immediately. We would be living […]


Erase the Patriarchy: An Anthology of Erasure Poetry (University of Hell Press, ed. Isobel O’Hare)

I was delighted to read a review of this collection by one of those mean right wing Christian conservatives that hate what they do not care to understand, and demonize intelligence, learning and thought like if they allowed it they might be inclined to think up the obvious possibility that mmmm…either God doesn’t exist, or […]