夢の庵 I The still drops from the water cake Understated sweetness Cool Inviolate Heart beat slows To a restrained take on the universe And all within it Herded Harnessed Bit and bridled Steered Separated: Milk from curdle A slow process This is no whirl No dervish. This is time slowed down to a pin prick […]


Missed Connections

I don’t know whether any of you read the missed connections on Craigslist? It is mostly a horrorshow of human sexual desperation, but there is the occasional gem. In the depths of the pandemic, protests raging, everyone scared, deaths rising, I found a woman, just wanting to wish everyone well, and ask them to stay […]


Tea Time

I am not properly awake. I haven’t even made my morning cup of tea. I am never quite awake until at least I’m halfway down my giant travel mug. I run almost purely on tea and nervous energy. Living in Japan one of the first things that made me feel somewhat at home was the […]