All Good Bob’s…

All our musical heroes are dying, or thankfully getting old. Eighty might be the point that a Bob doesn’t want to carry on doing the endless tour, and instead puts his feet up with a fortifying glass of Dylan branded whiskey and a good dog by his feet, catching up on a few movies, perhaps, […]


Jokerman: Dylan

This evening’s musical listening pleasure has to be Jokerman. It is the obvious April Fool’s Day choice, I know, but it is the very best of 80’s Bob. It was a pretty dark decade, but Dylan’s still got it, those lyrics come flowing. Ain’t nobody there would want to marry your sister, sings Dylan. Did […]


Abandoned Songs

Some songs just aren’t meant to be sung, they are too personal, too raw, too dangerous, too honest. I’ve done it. I wrote the lines “I told him I didn’t like driving across water/He told me he had a daughter, and was married to someone who wasn’t me.” It’s unsingable, it takes too much bravery, […]