creative writing

Powder River Rapture

I was breaking rocks on the Powder River banks I ain’t killed nobody I ain’t robbed no banks And as I dug in the Red River dirt I rolled in the loam and the mud and the hurt. And I looked through your window But you weren’t there I tapped on your door I rang […]


The Barber’s Monkey

The barber’s monkey sharpened his claws steeled his will and looked up at his Lord and Master. The man sharpened his silver blade, dipped his hand in the soap and began to shave. And the monkey tipped back his head, exposing the tender whiskers on his monkey skin and bade the master, Lord make me […]


Biohazards with Basho

Mushrooms, mustard greens Berries, broccoli and fish: Radioactive. When the rice glows green Just grind it up into flour Hide it in sembe. Tepco don’t care much For human life, health or love: Ten thousand year fix. Notes Sembe are Japanese rice crackers. Rice can be ground up, made into flour and repackaged, thus hiding […]