The Barber’s Monkey

The barber’s monkey sharpened his claws steeled his will and looked up at his Lord and Master. The man sharpened his silver blade, dipped his hand in the soap and began to shave. And the monkey tipped back his head, exposing the tender whiskers on his monkey skin and bade the master, Lord make me […]


The City’s Table

I don’t like shopping on California, with it’s fifty dollar king crab legs and filletted cuts of meat that litter the sidewalks, that blow round the alleys, that sleep in tents, in boxes and pallets. I don’t like shopping on California for sweet potatoes and half baked ideas, while flocks of children grub amongst the […]


Hitting the Tender-Spot

Walk out of house. Look left, look right – don’t want a fight today. Over the street looks like a safe prospect. I am standing right outside my place of abode. I turn left, as I do a middle age man approaches the same crossing. No mask, looks sketchy: we hang back. The other side […]