San Francisco Days

From My Window (#3)

It is what passes for daylight out there. Foggy skies of indeterminate color, a soupy mess of a day. Everything can change in a second in San Francisco: a cold day can turn into bright Californian summer haze; brilliant heat can turn to a brisk wind and suffocating sea fog, rain can dissolve into rainbows, […]


From My Window (#2)

I’m waiting for the street light to turn on. The sun is starting to go down and the sky has turned a dull milky grey. The trees opposite are waving to the wind. One of them is leaning at an alarming angle towards the road, it’s huge root stump looks like it will be enough […]


From my window (1)

The street lamps look like they are spraying a fine mist as the cars rush past one way up the street below. Tent city to the right and left, in front of me the apartments on the richer side of the street. Pedestrians do their chess board dance on the crosswalks. A dog looks left […]