The Paltry Sum

I write.

Mountain Lion Wind

Mountain lion wind Been whistling round our bed And I don’t know if it was something I said Or that cold mountain lion wind And I am back to where the sage brush grows And the light don’t fit me right Oh that mountain lion wind. Mountain lion wind Been whistling round my head And […]


Morphine Marmoset

Life is a drag race for the numb Chase down a taste Out comes the sun. Feed that morphine marmoset Until it gets as big as it can get Becomes the monkey that it always Knew it could become Hooked up to the chain gang land on your feet You’re easy meat For that morphine […]


Go with the flow.

Go with the flow How high how low Can you go with the Flow? Water goes downhill Whiskey goes there too How low can you go with the flow Empty bottle blues You say “I need fuel not food” Just how low can you go with the flow… And I really don’t know how I’m […]


Psychonauts and other Detritus

Love in the time of corona virus is hard enough. Everybody is forced simultaneously closer together with their immediate family for longer periods of time, whilst the minor cast in your own personal tragicomedy is cast out to a six foot perimeter, thus being both suffocating and lonely at the same time. A disastrous combination. […]