The Paltry Sum

I write.

Marriage is Murder

I refuse to make apologies, I refuse to be reasonable, I refuse to put caveats before anything I might write on this subject. Marriage is murder. The relationship between men and women is so unequal physically, socially, legally, that to endeavour to merge worlds, to enter into such a contract is just begging for trouble. […]


La Pine

On the banks of La Pine Where the Snake River winds Around my neck Run away from the snow You can’t it’s everywhere You go It falls on my head. Woodland creatures hitchhiking Jerry’s dead no looking In the valley of the blind The one eyed mouse is King. Dust and burrs and old pine […]



Way far out west Away from the land I love the best Is a little two horse town That’s sure to raise a frown Where the feed lot is a restaurant The only horses are red porches The people are all medicated And the antique shop is dedicated To the cause of Tumalo And the […]


Mountain Lion Wind

Mountain lion wind Been whistling round our bed And I don’t know if it was something I said Or that cold mountain lion wind And I am back to where the sage brush grows And the light don’t fit me right Oh that mountain lion wind. Mountain lion wind Been whistling round my head And […]