The Paltry Sum

I write.

Kill Your Icons

I’m bloodied and broken, left on the stairs as a token Like Yoko Ono’s left shoe No matter how far you run and how well you hide The catcher will catch up with you Put yourself on a pedestal and give ’em a weapon Tell ’em they can cut a piece off you You called […]


Tell Tale Heart

Tell tale heart don’t you Tell your tales on me Don’t you see How it would all fall apart So don’t start My tell tale heart Hand of glory take your Hangman’s grip off me Don’t you see You can’t curse me You were beaten to the start By that bad old tell tale heart […]


A Traveller’s Blessing

To all my lifelong enemies May your vain pretenses shatter like tears Upon some broken battleground In some hollow year May your scouts never discover The places that I roam May your arrows always be broken And your clothes wet to the bone And the rose of Sharon lays broken And withered on the storm […]