Restore to Yesterday: Blogging Technical Issues

Apologies for having to repost today’s blogs but I had an absolute blogging nightmare. I was trying to free up some space by deleting old comments, and somehow managed to accidentally delete 999 posts. The site was very laggy deleting the comments, and there were a lot of them to deal with from years back. Somehow in trying to reload the crashed page and continue in my quest to delete ancient comments, I accidentally selected 999 posts, by the site refreshing onto jetpack posts, not comments, and instead of the 999 comments I wanted to delete to free up space. There is no ‘confirm’ button to stop such nightmares – it just deleted them. The deleted posts were not available in ‘trash’, for reasons unknown to me, and so I had to do a reset to yesterday using Jetpack. In the meantime I felt my soul leave my body, and I ain’t even tripping….In fact if shit continues in this vein I might never trip again…

If this ever happens to you, don’t panic. The jetset ‘wind back time’ reset to an earlier point, does work, it is just heart-stoppingly slow. I lost today’s posts in the process, but they were easily enough retrieved from the wonderful Ruthie and so are not gone. I consider myself very lucky that everything is back up and running. My site was absolutely broken. Nothing was working, and I was terrified I had lost the sum of all my hard work. Seriously, life has to stop being so exciting.

Everything is restored to yesterday, and working. I still have to free up space, by deleting old comments. This should be easy, but the site crashed continuously trying to bulk-delete, and was absolutely impossible to do. I will have to delete in batches of 50, instead of 999. My internet connection is fast, there is no reason on my end why this should be such a tall order.

If you are having blogging nightmares, technical difficulties and other drags on your time and sanity, I feel for you. We all put so much of ourselves into these blogs, when things like that happen it really does feel something like the end of the world.

Now, excuse me while I print out the entire site as a hard paper copy…if I can just get the damn thing to convert into a pdf file without crashing the entire Paltry Sum!


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