We Pull The Earth Forever Forwards

Lashed to the world by desire.
Tied to it's span by need.
Hoisted on the mainsail
For the duration of the voyage.
We can choose the direction
But are still forced to journey
Forever forwards.
We are that gold dust,
That stardust,
That cosmic seed.

Every story starts the same way:
In every beginning there is
Loneliness and fruit.
No friend and a tree.
Then He was given She
And She was given He.
Temptation followed
Paradise lost in that sacred hollow.
Then came suffering, toil and lessons.
Murder and lust
War and disease. 
We try to get back to the garden
Via the fruit from the tree.  
Man, we chose the hard row to hoe!
Freedom followed crying
The price for life was tempering
Our souls in evil's fire. 

We are fettered to this earth:
Hauling from this generation 
To the next permutation
The great tapestry continues -
Tale of games between nations,
Stitched onto our smaller aspirations
And lives lived big and small
While we seek for meaning 
Echoing down a further hall. 

What else is as small as a human 
Yet so vital in its survival?
We suffer as individuals
Yet fall as peoples, as nations
Still divided by our petty obsessions! 
We exist as fragments of a story
Yet gravity pulls us all together 
When one single child crying "Mercy!"
Can make the Angels scream
And that looking glass reality
Shiver and shatter:
Is it life, or but a dream?

Together, pulling forwards
We change the direction of the ship.
We influence the journey -
We make that interplanetary trip.
Still we are divided and still we die alone
And that forwards haul to Glory
Will only send us flying home. 

We pull the Earth forever forwards
Each one lending our lives
But that stone keeps falling backwards
Towards the sword of Damocles
And the traitor with his long and ancient
Back-stabbing, soul destroying knives. 

We have not learnt our lessons
And the days are running short.
We cannot expect the hour glass
To be tipped eternally while we 
Protect the systems we have built. 
And so we will reap the whirlwind
We have sown
And souls will be sent a spinning
Ready or not
We are almost 
Out of time. 

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