New City Blues

The Bourgeois sleep on horse hair
Wipe their ass on Vanity Fair
Insolence is as out of touch as laissez fare
So they all jump on crowded bandwagons 
Pretend to care
Talking up that vegan muck
Whilst hiding the steaks behind the
Hummus and falafel trucks.
Candles sell for a three hundred bucks
To know the scent of desperation
Entice some shock unto the nation
They call it boutique but it's just
Prestidigitation swapping trash for
That precious honey:
The sweet and cloying
Seductive traits of money!

But I don't know and I don't see
What any of it has to do with me
I put my hand into the earth
She is shaking but not giving birth
For some there is plenty
For others, dearth!
The star children come in from 
Beyond Outer Space
To stare in wonder at the 
Human race
And everything is put under the 
Hammer, under the sun, and every
Race was run to be lost, not won
And I have gone out to see
What any of this is going to be
So here is the weather report:
We just just cattle to our masters
Rich glutton's sport!

Is it Fate? Have I added the figures?
Will this fragile hybrid Earth
Fail or take? 
Eight ball truckers gather at 
Highway rest-stops
Trying to decide whether to haul 
Or quit, bring the country to its knees - 
Say no more trinkets for you or you
Until you pay your capitalist piggy dues. 

And the bill for living keeps getting bigger
But the means aren't there to pay the bitter. 
You can't even afford to sup
On this poisoned and this bitter cup
In winter you freeze and in summer
You sweat, the few till the land
Hoping for some scraps to be let
Fall from the table into waiting hands
While politicians scapegoat 
And build their walls.
But everything they built is about
To fucking fall!

And if you have the will
To raise some lucky bucks you bet
You won't be the kind to see
The outcome of all this insanity.
Some will rope and some will cry
And some will tear out their tongues
After they remove their eyes. 
Some will hold up their hands
Asking to be taken to the Promised Land.
And some, who are ready, might hold steady
But even then there are reasons not to quit
If you think you can possibly bear to stand it. 

The New City's dead on arrival
And no one special even pulled
The trigger! 
It gives up easier than
Some pick-up riders, 
Flying the flag
Of the High Noon snakey slip and sliders
Oh, its such a drag
To open up this charnel house mag
And flip the switch on the ATVs
That come over mountains
And dodge the trees
And all the people with too much 
Of everything material to see
That what is coming next will
Break like a wave
And send the grazers and consumers to
Yet another of history's mass graves

New City Blues
Watch those lights
New City Blues
Try not to fight.
New City Blues
We can't even share with each other
New City Blues
You are not ready to call
These Angels Sister or Brother. 
And if you think that you might submit
And hold out your hands in cautious friendship,
But not up to quit, 
Then buckle up your screams 
And grin, because this is not a game you
Play to lose or win. 

Survival's grace within insanity
Welcome to the New Earth City
Where the weather's hot but the
Alien girls are pretty.
Coming to you from a grafted branch
Of the Cosmic wildwood tree
I'm looking for the Puppet Master
The Zoo Keeper and the Ultimate Grafter. 
That planted in a time when we 
Knew how to do this exchange
The steps to the ancient dance
With those that taught us
Through the holy trance. 

I thought I cared and perhaps I do
But I've not the energy left to 
Save anything except the Truth.
You can keep your ranches with 
The Pearly Gates
I am waiting for heaven to be served 
Up cool upon a shard of an
Ancient spinning shining plate. 


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