The Ancient Fields of Mu: Or How We Save The Planet

There is a pearl in the mouth of a fish 
Served cold on an ancient Egyptian dish
There is a goat that is caught up on the 
Scrolls of a long drowned golden gate
There is a field where the souls are sorted 
Into those of peace and ones of hate
There are the days of longing
Being tipped into the fingers of
Lady Luck and her sullen Brother, Fate. 

And when my anxiety chews me up
And is cast upon a screen
When the cats sit and lick their paws
Beneath the feet of the white-eyed 
Blind yet seeing Seer Queen
When the stoles of the ancient are bound
In blood and carved on stone
And those that will come After 
Call their house our home
When the wind sails cry their 
Siren's song upon an oceanic breeze
And all that was meant to walk
Begins to fall onto their knees

Then the sands of time will shift
And the sailors hearts will lift
And everything that was made to fit
Will slide into place as the lamps are lit
And every tiny spark of light
Will dance a jig in the 
Shadow of the Knight
And his axe will fall one for one last stroke
At the neck of Humanity while we
Struggle and choke
And those who love and guard their kindness
Will cry bitter tears at the heart of darkness

But hold on tight to what lies within
It is that which floats to the top, 
It is that real Heavy Cream
And merrily merrily in the rose garden
We will sway, playing sweet music and
Laughing at the beauty of flamingo croquet

In the land of the ancients
The buzzing Fields of Mu
We will sing a song of loss
As the world heals and is
Purified anew. 


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