What Did The Storm Say?

The boys all write about the thunder
That sounds like freedom as the sky
Is torn asunder
The boys all mutter in the still of the night
About how the lightning consumes darkness
And how it makes them strong for the fight
The boys all reach out with crazy demands
High ideals and deafening alarms
Yet when the stars call home
They hide behind a woman who walks alone. 

What did the thunder say? 
Does it matter anyway?
What did the lightning show?
No more than the sun when it 
Hits the ice and snow 
Ask me what freedom sounds like!
It sounds like a mouse crawling
Over the paltry sum of glassy chimes, 
Hanging in the window tinkling 
Softly in Earth's glorious summertime

The eternal female in the deep lagoon
Holds out her hand and howls at the moon
They took her children, her soul, her life
They held her at gunpoint
And put her throat to the knife
And when they took everything 
That she had left to lose
They took her love, set her at the table
And demanded to know her next move. 

Sacrifice is a funny thing, 
No one wants to see it coming
No one wants to watch the return of the King. 
But is it a sacrifice if you have no time to reason
Everything you lost and the turning of the seasons? 
Does it mean as much if it doesn't hurt
When you are fed to wolves and left to
Enrich the golden Californian dirt. 

What did the thunder tell me? 
It was too loud to hear
What did the lightening show me?
It bleached out everything I hold dear
What did the small sound say? 
It said "hold on
Give it all just
One more day." 

I am the storm
I live in the whirlwind
It blows back  my hair
And can't be shut up with
Books, or weed or gin.
I am shouting but no one hears
I am shining but all that's left is fear
Because the only thing that matters
Is Love survives starving 


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