Yoko Ono I Love You, From (Her)e to (The)re

Yoko Ono kami samma
Paisley kimono
Heart Sutra
On your feet you wear the glass 
The blew out of Hiroshima's heart

Yoko Ono kami samma
Naked honey with milk father
You stay in bed so they can't say
You enticed them to fight another day

Yoko Ono kami samma
Wailing onna on bridge mother
You walk to the edge and you go over
Falling backwards into River, Brother!

Yoko Ono kami samma
Scissor beauty cut from lover
Stand in holy conceptual mother
Holding baby in arms forever

Yoko Ono yamato-damashii
Heart of darkness hold me gently
Sway me in your perfect arms
Mother to mother suffering
Safe from harm

Yoko Ono kami samma
Scream me to sleep
From one horror to another

Yoko Ono ii kami samma
We know sacrifice
We know each other.

Yamato Damashii – Japanese ‘spirit’ or the ‘Spirit of Japan’.

Onna – woman

ii kami samma – Meaning good goddess

As the mother of a half Japanese child, as an artist, as a woman, as a screaming banshee who suffers from generational pain, I cannot express the sheer depth of my love for Yoko Ono and her beautiful John. Thank you Yoko Ono. Love, Detroit

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