The Bee

Like the bee to the flower
As my mouth to the cup
So as the camel to the watering hole
I am drawn closer to you
Like a divining rod to water
Or a sparrow hawk to the wind
As a wolf to the blood
Or a foot to the ledge of the mountain
I am drawn over, it's true.
Like a moth to the flame
Like a moon to the sky
Like a staff towards the earth
Towards you I fly!
I summon you closer
Like the tides running before me
Revealing the bottom of the ocean;
I rise up the shipwreck 
With my sullen devotion!
I part the clouds.
The waters flee from me:
Behind me runs Egypt
Towards the whole of Galilee.
But like the bee to the flower
Like an eye to the storm
I sit in the middle of the whirlwind
And watch the wicked mourn!

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