Leah’s Stone

Leah’s stone is smooth,
It has no imperfections.
There is no spot, no stain
No groove
It sits perfectly 
It does not move.

Leah sees nothing and 
Everything at once:
There is no speck in 
Leah’s eyes,
But oh her heart, 
How it cries!
How it cries.

Leah can see me 
Or so she says,
As she chews on a 
Morsel of unleavened 
We share the same meal
Served on the same plate
We divide the spoils
And sit and curse Fate.

She pats her chest
She smooths her hair
She sits and rocks
Upon her sister’s chair.
Leah seeks love but
Leah knows despair
Leah knows despair

Leah’s lambs are unspotted
Leah’s lambs are pure, 
They graze on flowers
There is no scent to their manure.
Leah’s lambs are small and sweet
They nuzzle her hands
And nibble her feet.

Leah’s stone is looking-glass sheer
Polished by her hair,
Worn perfect by her tears
Leah thinks her hands are bound
Yet Leah’s blood mixes with the
Red earth she wields to
Grind away craggy points of 
Leah’s blood sanctifies all
Spiritual infection.

Leah has a pet lamb
It is wooly and white
It is her darling without
Spot or mite.
A gentle creature – 
A beast of light
It’s tiny skull is dazzled
Under her weary gaze,
But is doomed by her man's
Book of Days
That says what comes in Spring
Must bleed in the summer’s haze. 

Leah’s arms hold a boy with
A shock of dark hair
He drinks from the spring
Of his mother’s care. 
In comes a man with a 
Big sharp knife
Leah holds on tightly:
She is mother before wife. 

The lamb must bleed 
On Leah’s stone
The boy must bleed -
Wander far from home.
Lies and half truths
Suffering and death
The blood of the lamb
Meant to hide the mess. 

Such a little lamb
Such a tender song
Leah’s arms get tired
Yet they hold on strong. 
The hand is raised,
It comes down hard
Leah longs to be held
Yet she is pushed out far!
Oh, must Leah’s blood know
Suffering and war?

Leah’s stone sits between
Me and her
She spits out seeds
She rests her head on white fur
Leah’s gift is bitter not sweet
She holds out a plate
Of stewed mutton meat,
While the tender lamb
Sits outside on her stone.

Leah sits in dust
Where is her throne? 

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