The Gift

All of the flowers and all of the leaves
All the seas and each blowing breeze
All of the sunsets and deep orange haze
Each cooling fog that started each blistering day
All the mountains and each and every lamb,
The Oasis which sat in the desert land of Ham
Each comforting drop of rare desert dew:
On each wilting leaf I give them to you.

Each morning I woke and rose with a grin
Every time I opened my broken mouth to sing
Every word stitched together with dreams;
That pot of my grandmother’s early spring 
Clotted cream.

Each memory of triumph, each roar of outrage,
My boot on the throat of a snake that betrayed.
Piss on the face of a yawping buffoon,
The time when the Alchemist had me 
Howling with the wolves at the moon.
Each secret tumble, each moment of pleasure,
Each day of happiness and languorous leisure
Each glass of absinthe - I'll take the hangover;
Each grain of opium to you over and over.

Each wildflower crown, every orchid in the sand.
Every dollar I made, and each and every last helping hand.
The finest incense from the court of the King
The sound of his bell that knew how to sing.
The ring that lit up on the hand of his Queen.
The most perfect estate in the land of Abyssinia
The  sight of the arc and all the treasure within her.

Each bed I made and each decision I took
Every time I castled the Queen with my rook.
Each and every butterfly on my palm
Each soldier and guard to stand by your arms!
Oh to send you a fertile river bed
With silt to grow safety, warmth and happiness
And squeeze the gold out from the lead.

I would package them up and mark them
“From your admirer who would 
Bow at your feet and sing you
Ancient songs from the lyre."

Every telegram and letter I sent and received 
Building beauty and wealth out of 
Each budding seed. 
Each word of comfort, every gentle kind touch:
Even then it would not be too much. 

So take this song and this promise to you:
I will put you in the center of all that I do. 
And if I fail and hear the Drums of Disappoint 
Beat their stunning retreat
All I will take with me is sadness and heat. 

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