The Muse Himself Sang

I fell asleep in the morning
Last night's drink using me as a storeroom
With the bones of my people
Beneath my body, bearing me
Up to the frozen sun of the starting day.
I fell asleep in the morning with the
Tears of the sacred dew dropping from my eyes. 
The hands of the saints were holding up my head
Dangling me from their budding blossoming enterprise.
The flowers were growing all around me
As the tiny ants crawled and the ladybugs
Flew and a spider fell into the bottom of my bottle
Oh I fell asleep in the morning as the sun was rising
With the scent of rosemary twisting in my hair
And the clean clean mountain air not caring
I was sodden, 
Not disgusted by my pissing
Not foul with anger at my dreaming
Not furious overwhelming at my lack of seriousness
Not caring that I was wrought to be a wanderer. 

The muse came and kissed me on the cheek
Sending the earth a wheeling and a spinning
Like Newton’s cradle on a terminal inclination
And creation before me in a rose started streaming

I heard a voice a calling ‘Leave your time behind”
I thought I heard a voice demanding
You got to leave your time behind
And in the cow scented afternoon
In the milk stained evening of my destitute wandering
In the forever slipping of the yellow cups overrunning
I took the hand of my muse
And I gave my life away
Yes, I poured my life away. 


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