The Political Commentator’s Credo #I

You gotta wear shades
Gotta walk in the parade
Gotta be fly like superman
Gotta take a seat while you can
Gotta be like him
Gotta look like her
Gotta bring in that coin
Gotta know not infer
Gotta do this
And not do that
Gotta wear the right kind
Of baseball hat.

Gotta walk that way
Gotta smile pearly white
Gotta dance not sway
Gotta stay home at night
Gotta drink Coors
But piss on Bud Light
Gotta believe that science
Is always first-time-right. 
Gotta have the right opinions
And leave the left behind
Gotta give in to dominion
Gotta spend up all your time
On the prescribed distractions
The thirty second clips
Gotta clap at the right time
Gotta loudly bash on undocumented trips

Gotta build the wall
Gotta laugh when they fall
Gotta lock ‘em up
Gotta have a big Ford truck.
Gotta love the food but
Gotta hate the farmers
Gonna raise the mood
By toasting the imaginary
“Enemy who harms us”

Gotta be obnoxious
Gotta have that bling
Gotta eat what comes out the
Plastic box when the microwave
Goes ping. 
Gotta be like him
Gotta look like her
Gotta know the lines to parrot
Gotta wear leather but never fur

Gotta be a raging hypocrite
Gotta be a bigoted shit
Gotta invest yourself in 
What she does with she
And he does with it.
Gotta praise the God Almighty
For being all of the above
To prove you love America
You gotta put the finger on the trigger
And the hand in the glove

Gotta fly the colors
Gotta make the grade
Gotta know when Uncle Sam calls
You are gonna throw the grenade
At the wrong kinda people
Who we cannot leave to breathe
Gotta pretend we live like Kings
While we scrabble on our knees.
Gotta light the fire but
Gotta push down all desire
To think for ourselves
While the waves of oppression
Get higher and higher
And higher. 


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