Sea To Vacancy

All those empty roads I rode along they don’t remember me now. 
They can’t recall my name or my number. 
My travel carved no groove. 
My mirrors reflected nothing back from the cabin I lived in. 
I sat through meaningless miles, across turnpikes and toll roads with a smile painted like a line across my face. 
Those bridges that I crossed can’t recall the tension of my travel.
The rivers that I forged have started to unravel. 
Vacancy in perpetual motion came in sea to vacant sea.

I am missing from the scene. My imprint is cast up 
to the waves to be ground down and disappear into the grains
 of a day that I wasted I’ve not tasted 
relief for so long being reborn from freedom-dancer to a lame lamb 
Sent to slaughter I'm not even fit for sacrifice to the altar of my 
Own capricious demands

Those deserts that I crossed where the wild thymes bloom
The nights that I survived ‘neath blood stained moon
Vacancy in perpetual motion came in sea to vacant sea

The rhythm of the drums has beaten me down
They herald the coming with their empty sound
There’s no shame at looking out over the empty ocean
Crying there’s no end to the movement of the water, my sanity to save
It’s a grave situation, no solution, no resolution, no shore to spot, not got the 
Constitution to withstand this wave
Mind is empty there’s no song, 
No words to make my day less long
Im vacancy in perpetual motion from sea to vacant sea

I set out on this voyage through vacant seas hands hanging
From the globe of the sun then dragged down by the rock
That rolls and tumbles down the cliff of recluse
Its no use all I have is this vapor trail to comfort
And numb. 
Make me dumb shut my mouth take my breath
And make it just hurt less.
I’m hoping for calmer waters, slow release, just a tiny taste
Of something sweet, some vacant release
Oh vacancy in silent devotion bring me in sea to vacancy


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