After Hour Time

When the bar room is closed
And the doors are all locked
And the bottles upended
And the watches pretend to stop
And the patrons sit leaning
On the edge of their chairs
Speaking of flowers, 
Dog races and mares,
And you and I clasp
Together at the hand
Holding on tightly to our 
Dreams of a foreign land
Where we can sit pretty
And we can be gay
And hold each other tightly
When the moon shatters the day.

It's after hours time 
And the jazz is all smoky
And we fall about laughing
Carelessly drunk and healthy
Our faces all flushed with the
Kiss of the the night 
Miss Midnight rocks laughing
To see this 3 am sight.
And the glasses are clinked 
But not yet are smashed,
And the voices are loud
But we haven't yet crashed
We exist in a sweet spot,
We live with abandon
We throw up our hands
And submit to the wild
And the random!
And we both go a-spinning
Trying to raise the dead
And then when the time
Comes you rest my arm
On your head. 

After our time is empty and lost
The blooms are all withered
Bitten by cruel old Jack Frost
I sit with the memories
I lay with times olden
My heart is a box
From which the bottom
Has fallen.
I fancy I can still feel 
Your lips touch upon mine
In one of your fate-tempting
Kisses that inspired my rhymes.
I see a shadow in the corner of 
My mind: 
                  It has the essence of
You but it is not of our kind. 

After our time where everything
Is suspended, has come and been 
And gone and now everything
Good has gone done and ended

The time after us - the
After the me and the you
After what we did
And the 'what should we do?'
After all the cups, and the 
Bones and the spoons
After May suns, the lakes
And the crying of the loons
After the fights and the prickles
And the shedding of tears
After all the longing of those
Fleeting golden years
After the words both
Loving and harsh,
After the cruelty and the 
Dead month of March
After the regrets and all
The bad decisions
After the soul wearying
Constant revisions
After all this, and all that's
To come

The hours after you
Scorch me like
Bathing in the center
Of the sun.

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