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Happy 2nd Birthday To The Paltry Sum Blog!

I first registered on wordpress two years ago. At the time I was living in a homeless shelter, we were in the depths of the pandemic and things were very tough for me and The Boy. I have had some ups and downs, found my voice, written some things I look back on fondly, and feel as if this blog is one of my biggest achievements that I am most proud of.

Thank you for reading! If you are a regular reader, please share my blog with other people.

My goals for the future include getting some serious interviews on the Paltry Sum. If you know anyone who would like to be interviewed on either current affairs, pop culture or music, perhaps you could put in a good word for me. I am, as always interested in the nature of inspiration, punk culture, beat literature and how art and good books can save the world.

I see this blog as the dark café that I take my nom de plume from, though I hope not to bore anyone, and these days I am not drunk, though remain cynical as hell, and avowedly romantic in the literary sense:

The last time I saw Richard was Detroit in 68
And he told me, “All romantics meet the same fate
Some day, cynical and drunk and boring
Someone in some dark cafe”

Joni Mitchell. The Last Time I Saw Richard. Blue

I hope to continue this blog and perhaps make more of an impact. Thank you for all your support,



  1. John Jr

    Congratulations Detroit.

    I can not believe that it has only been two years, to me, it seems that it has been three or more years.

    You have made it further than most bloggers seem to make it, so you are doing good.

      1. John Jr

        Hello Detroit,

        Interesting, part of one of my dreams last night was strange as well with what seemed to be mind control going on or something; it would be cool if you started blogging your dreams too.

        My blog, especially my dream posts, has been in more of an autopilot mode just trying to keep it alive.

        Since the pandemic started, I started getting behind on blogging some of my dreams that I have recorded in audio form & in text form of my rough notes of my dreams.

        For various reasons (annoyances with & in life, and working more hours), I was close to giving up on blogging, which happens to me at times; so I have been barely keeping my blog.

        I have various things that I could blog about & a pile of recorded dreams that need to be typed.

        Well, I am feeling less like wanting to go to work or do much, not that I did much before, but once at work & helping people that feels good & when I get to talk to coworkers.

        Hopefully, you are doing better than me. 😀

      2. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

        Not really doing too fabulously myself. Im sorry to hear you are having a tough time of it. Don’t give up blogging! That would be a shame! You are good at it!
        Currently dealing with a yoga related concussion…which is as dumb of me as it sounds…so feeling a bit sorry for myself! as ever, your friend, ~D

    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      Thank you, Roy! Nice to meet you. I’m afraid thanks to my abusive ex-husband I can’t do facebook, but I really appreciate the invite. I’m always on the look out for new podcasts to listen to, and am happy to recommend your show. Thank you for sharing my blog with others! Best wishes ~Detroit

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