Feeling Like Giving Up On Writing

I have been writing a lot for competition, literary journals and journalistic endeavors recently, concentrating my effort on making a viable career from writing, instead of the blog which costs me more to run than I ever make from Patreon (my sincere thanks to my Patreon supporters, though! Thank you!. I have come to the conclusion that the effort and time it takes to write the blog is not paying off for me at all.

I have developed my voice on this blog, and enjoyed writing immensely, and might keep a scaled down version of the blog alive as an outlet for things that have no paying home, but that I still want to write.

I have to admit to feeling very disheartened recently. It is brutal getting rejection after rejection, and realizing my voice, which I am not prepared to compromise, is too gritty for a lot of the more refined outlets. I still think there is a place for my writing and I could make a success out of a writing career, but to be frank, nowadays that insistent voice telling me I am just not good enough gets louder and louder. I am at the point where I feel like giving up.

I guess I will take a week off or so, and come at things with a bit of rest. I have worked so hard to try and make a success of the only thing I am good at, and to be frank I feel like a huge failure.


  1. Notes From The Edge

    Kia kaha sir. Alas this is the “lot” of a creative. I have been told off by so many angry women that I have stopped writing for a bit and have been concentrating on making music and painting instead. My first published story, on a Sydney Morning Herald blog caused so much controversy that I stopped writing. So far I have only been told off once regarding my paintings so I will call that a victory. There is a good Bukowski poem, or story, (can’t remember STBI) where he says something to the likes of, do not be swayed by public opinion. It seems fairly obvious that writing is in your soul so just do it for yourself

    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      Hello. Thank you for the exhortation to ‘stay strong’! I am a bit of an angry woman myself (but definitely no Madam!), but am sorry to hear that you were bullied into stopping writing. Can I ask why my fellow females were so upset with you? Dear Buk was never much one for doing what made him popular…and as a result became wildly successful. I had a couple of tough rejections of material I KNOW is good. I guess I am just being a brat…but as you know anyone who creates puts so much of themselves into their writing, those rejection letters hurt. I would like to read your story, if you would send me the link. Thank you for writing to me,

      1. Notes From The Edge

        My writing was considered to be sexist by two women. They would not be considered “normal women” by any stretch of the imagination so I was not really that offended but their comments did “cut” me. My first published story was on a Sydney Morning Herald blog by Sam De Brito. This story has now disappeared but I don’t know why

      2. Notes From The Edge

        I have been told off for being sexist by two different women. They are both a bit “funny” so I was not that offended but it did cut me. My first published story was removed from Sam de Brito’s blog All Men Are Liars but I do not know why

  2. 1972italy

    Some times stepping away for a little helps. I am in the same boat. I just feel like a failure with my writing. I am not where I hoped or wanted. But your writing IS good so keep pushing.

    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      Thank you. It is so hard taking so much rejection, isn’t it? I feel a bit better today, and taking a little time for myself might help too I think. I am so sad to hear you are not where you hoped or wanted to be at this point. I think writers need a support group!
      Keep on truckin’!


      1. 1972italy

        Yes, the rejection gets to you. I have also had some of my work stolen and now I am overprotective. It gets frustrating because I would like help with things but I am too worried about my work being stolen to just share.
        I agree that we do need a support group! I’m glad you are feeling better today.

      2. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

        If you want some unsolicited advice, I would say to share your work anyway. I have suffered the same issues with people using my work without permission. It is infuriating. Once your work is in a fixed form it is subject to copyright. Maybe I should start up a writer’s dischord support group! Got to get back up on the writing pony and keep on moving forwards. Reading about the amount of rejection letters my heroes received, I do feel somewhat better.

      3. 1972italy

        You are right. I know I should. And I am trying to gradually work toward doing that again. I have a few select friends that I share with. (The worst part with mine was they tried to pass it off as their own work.)
        I’m currently plugging along on a novel. It is slow going but I like it. If you do start that support group let me know!

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