close up photo of batteries

Battery Acid

I lasted longer than
Anyone thought I 
Ever could.
Seven years in the wilderness.
Five hiding in the woods. 
Exiled for twenty more
I walked out through
That open door. 
Surviving by the hour
And breaking by
The minute.

So I trekked further than
The outer limits
Wandered longer than
Any trail
Past dawns and days
Making happy.
Making hay.
I had Christmases
And birthdays 
I had life tripping by
Slowly, and rushing
By fast. 
I made the scraps of 
Time last and last
Until the last. 

I clambered up the
I stared into the abyss
I recounted my small
Victories, and mourned
Each hit and miss. 
There is no way back
And no way forward
I appear to be stuck
On a precipice.
My battery is leaking
Onto the carpet of my 
And I can't keep on 
Much to my eternal


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