shabby brick wall in sunny day

The Landlord

"The trouble with homeless is
They come to San Francisco
Because we give them rent 
Money and food and they
Don't have to work for 
He stared at me intently. 
"The homeless go poo in
The street and make big mess
They need to go back to 
Where they came from."
He stared at me intently
Then took the rent subsidy
Check from me
And dragged his
Shitty boots
Out of my front room. 


  1. slpmartin

    California landlords are legally required to offer and maintain habitable rentals…well that’s what the law says…but how do they define “habitable”. Good verse.

    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      Mine apparently considers it still his to walk through as he wishes, and stand in my front room and insult me while he takes the homeless subsidy check…I would laugh! I wonder if it is any different outside of the Bay area, where you have to beg to be allowed to rent?

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