Sometimes The Day

Sometimes the day gets going
The sun is burning
Or the sky is grey
But rain or shine you know
There is mortal danger
Heading your way. 

Sometimes the day gets moving
Starts its engine up
Goes full throttle 
Towards bad expectations
And accelerates wildly
Carelessly barreling 
Off the cliff or the bay. 

Sometimes you know that the sun
Won't always keep rising
In the east and setting
In the west
And that by the time the
Night falls everything
Will have been put to 
The ultimate test. 

Sometimes I wish I could
Just skip a day
And go on to the next
Fires can only be 
Walked through
So many times
Before the singe
Turns into an inferno
In the nest. 

Sometimes I wish that
You could be me
And I could be anyone 
But the cookies have crumbled and
The dice have been tossed
And I am forever defined as 
The woman who 
Failed as a mother. 

Sometimes the day gets going
And everything is quiet and peaceful
Sometimes the day gets going
And you fear all that it will bring
Is fear and evil. 


      1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

        I am so sorry you feel you failed as a father. I carry my failures around with me too. I will never stop blaming myself for my failures and losses as a mother. Sending you kindness. I wish I had managed to stop some terrible events, but failed to be able to, no matter how hard i tried it was not enough. In the end perhaps all that sound and fury might mean something. I hope so.

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