cityscape with high rise buildings in downtown

Rooftop Dreamed Up

I dreamed you up 
On a rooftop
Of a New York Dive
And I conjured you 
Out of moonlight
And Sunday smiles
You were dancing
In the fallen leaves
You were 
In the jazz bar jive
You were tiptoeing 
So gently across 
My mind.

You were a notion
That I caught 
You were a fragile
You were
Coming into view
Riding across
Oceans, mountains
And trees. 

I found you in a 
Place I never 
Expected to be - 
I found you in a 
Coffee shop
Drinking tea.
I tried to take 
You home
I tried to 
Bring you into
But from the
Beginning you 
Were always
Trying to escape
From me. 

You were a notion
That I trapped
You were a ghost
In the machine
You burst into
The world
In a flurry of
And your father's

I tried to hold you 
I tried to catch your
I tried to be the
Anchor to all
Your perpetual 

How can you 
Trap a butterfly
That doesn't want
To be caught?
How can you hold 
Onto love that
Does not seek 
To be sought?
I tried so hard
To help you:
I loved your
Spirit and your
But you always
Were pushing
For one more 
Drama, one
More inch 
Past the mile. 

I see your impression
In a stranger's eyes
I look for you round
Corners and in certain
Shades of light. 
I chase you down 
Those pathways
I hunt you down in
But your love is never 
Willing to be seen. 

You see I dreamed you up on
A rooftop of a New York dive
And little did I know
You didn't want to be


  1. slpmartin

    Last stanzas was very powerful…reminded me of someone who jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge years ago…someone who had been abused by her stepfather.

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