city buildings and trees during golden hour

Sunset Boulevard In The Spring

Sunset Boulevard in the spring
I don't know what mess I'm in
My hands are tied but my head is clean
Is it a saving grace or a pyramid scheme?
Driving wheel, guiding light
My feet are floating, my wig's on tight
A bag of pills, outta sight
Collect my thoughts and hold on tight

It's a great escape a grand old play, lets live for tonight
For tomorrow we pay for today. 
Pay for the day.
East Roosevelt it cannot be found
Lemon Tree haze, we're going to ground
How much time can we steal before we head to the lake
Is it live for today, or make real from fake?
Hold onto your hat, lace your shoes
It's one for all for soon we lose
Coyote calling snake eyes down
Black sedan goes round and round
Round and round

But it's a great escape, a grand old play,
Let's live for tonight
For tomorrow we pay for today
Pay for the day.

Its any port in a storm put to the test
Heading north cause there's no more west
Stuck in a hole, reality writes a check,
It cannot be cashed, so we push ahead. 
Push ahead.

Get a taste of the underground chemical sleaze
Life's in a bag, but it's a joke full of weed
Bottle beckons, paranoid beach
Who would have thought there were any lessons
There left to teach?

Coconut ice from Mexico
It's too hot here so we go go go
Barely make it through Sawyer's Bar
We are the size of a bus, but only room for a car

Humble myself to a greater need
Cry and laugh, beg and bleed
Try to find a place to rest
Come back with a branch, but it 
Builds a poisoned nest.

But it's a great escape, a grand old play
Let's live for tonight for tomorrow
We pay for the day. 
Pay for today.

We've got the ethanol shakes
The Moon glint in our eyes,
Come on Baby, we dont want to die.
Mason Boogie, amplified
No one can say that we didn't try not to die
We tried not to die.

There's dreams of opium, wolves in the den
They say it will kill you, but they won't tell you when
Modern malady, thebaine buzz
It's all we got, but it isn't enough
It's not nearly enough
It's never enough.

Time to fly the coop, get outta dodge, 
Head for the south, get Cal-i-forn-i-a lost
Wild turkey runs, buckeyed deer
Hailstones the size of Modesto steer

Beachside rainforest, Oregon gloom
It's a living grave, a watery tomb
Cross country bid for happiness
Fergus falls, two eagles in the nest
It's a great escape, a grand old play
Let's live for tonight, for tomorrow
We pay for today, 
Pay for the day.

Race to find shelter from the storm 
High summer buzzing, mosquito lawn
North country forest, beauty scene
We live like paupers, but I feel like a queen
Feel like a Queen.

There's trouble brewing in Paradise
We are too scared to roll the dice:
Don't want to leave, too cold to stay
No time left to put down the hay
Bring in the hay.
It's a great escape, a grand old play, 
Let's live for tonight, for tomorrow
We pay for the day, 
Pay for today.

It all goes to white winter in yonderland
Take a load off baby, hold my hand.
A nail in the rubber, and unbalanced mess;
I've got everything to lose, but nothing
I want to confess. I want to confess.

Back to the beginning of the end
We've a tribe to build, a wound to mend -
Not much you can do when attacked from within
Crazy Horse beckons, but it's Custer for the win.
Custer for the win.

There's a Crow in my attic, putting on the Ritz:
I offer him quarter, but he wants a dime bit.
Visions of Cass Lake dance through my head,
It's the Ghost of a hope, laid down to rest.
Laid down to rest.

When all that you have is drained from a vein,
But the leech keeps sucking all the same.
When you keep chopping that palm tree for fifteen years
But you Unkle marries some Hollywood wierd..
Hollywood wierd...

It's a great escape, a grand old play
Let's live for tonight, for tomorrow
We pay for today. 
Pay for the day.

Its too hard to handle, too hot to touch -
You know when enough is too much.
Stabbed in the back,
Brought to your knees,
Held up by the heartstrings
And hung in the trees.

Betrayal fences your last stolen kiss
For a case of the blues and a last minute twist:
A sting in the tail a broken alibi
Let's live for today for tomorrow we die..
Tomorrow we die.

It was a great escape,
A grand old play!
Let's live for tonight,
For tomorrow
We pay for today...
Pay for the day.

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