What Am I? A Woman.

If you stay and he kills you
You will be blamed
For your own death.
If you leave and he 
Pines for you
You will be blamed
For leaving him bereft.

If you leave and he discovers
You before you got away
You are unlikely 
To meet the sunrise
Of another painful day.
But if you leave and 
Survive you will be
Falsely accused
Of lying that he 
Hurt you,
The outrage defused
By making him the
Fake victim.

If you get out of the
Marriage before there
Is any lasting damage
Then the world will
Revile you, but
They will blame 
You if he defiles you.
What are you? 

A woman.

If you are injured
Or he destroys you
Rapes you or kills you
There will always be 
A man to claim
That you should
Have got away
Before the
Male attacker was 
Forced to.
You will be seen 
As the 
Evil woman,
Trapping the man
Into murder charges.
The original Eve sin
Just lasted and lasted:
Bad woman
Lying woman
Dead woman walking...

The world has 
A bad case of
Their compassion 
Deeming you
For your own assault
At his hands.
You have to leave
Yet never leave,
You have to give
And never take
Not even when it 
Is your own life
Because that belongs
To the man too.
Abuse sticks to you
Like super glue.

But if you leave and take the 
Children with you
In an effort to survive
You are a bitch for 
And hiding with the babies,
Running for your lives

Yet die alongside them
And you failed as a mother.
Run save yourself and
Them and you will be painted 
To be an
Evil bitch, not a survivor.
Leave them behind
And your soul
Will die
You will forever hear 
The pitiful 
Gulping of your
Babies desperate
And even then
You will be labeled
A deserter
No one will ask
"Who hurt her?"
What are you?

A woman.

You will always be accused
Of telling lies
Even when the truth
Of the abuse
Is self evident,
It is no use. 
If you get pregnant 
And keep them
Your motherhood
Is panned
If you try and escape
And abort them
You will be judged
Denied or slammed
Into a jail cell
A lump of cells has more 
Rights than you...
What are you?

A woman.

Parental alienation
Of fathers seen as a crime
Whilst survival of the 
Mother and child 
Painted as
Something avoidable
And worthy of 
Serious hard prison

If you let him see the children
After you split up
Or stay together 
For the children
And he kills them
As well as you,
But rarely himself
As happens 
Way too often,
Then it is  labelled
Your fault
As a woman for not 
Protecting the little ones.
No one sheds a tear for you,
There will be no one saying
"It was the best that she 
Could do."
But, if you leave and keep 
The children away from 
Their dangerous father
Then you are declared 
Evil for preventing the man 
From being near the
Children and should
Have tried harder
Not to separate the
Man from his 
Offspring as is
Seen as his
Natural right
Whilst you lack 
Even the right
To life, except in
What are you?

A woman.

Dead or alive
You are seen as
As being
Evil and wrong
By the men around
Him and 
The paternally
Run society
Unless you do 
That seductive eternal
Dance of the 
Forever dying 
You have both 
Forever in hell
And not very long.
As a woman
You will never win.
You will be killed
Or else you will
Be charged
Unfairly judged
And shamed.
If you play 
You never 
Get to win
The game.

So I say
Forget all of it
And don't 
To hell with 
All of it
And live. 
Run, hide
Deny and 
Will hang 

If you fuck men
Then you are a whore
But if you don't
Then you are
Frigid and cold.
If you dress nicely
Then you are
But if you don't 
Dress to please
Then you are
Ugly but not a tease
And that
Is the unforgiveable
Female sin.

If you are a lesbian
Then you are 
Mocked and 
Called names for
Rejecting men
Dicky Dyke
You are never 
Allowed to reject
The male paradigm,
And if you do
You will be made
To burn and 
Live in pain
And struggle
To make a dime.

And when you 
Say no
They say that 
They are you
And destroy the 
Meaning of the word
To mean a man
Who simply says he is
What he erases:
Breasts and vaginas
Become plastic clownish
Male crazes. 

Once they have 
Put on the dress - 
Some stereotypical
Feminine mess
They demand we
See their dick and 
Balls as female
And engage in
Sex with them - 
They claim they are
Not straight men
But lesbians.

Who are we?

Gaslighted into
Accepting the
Almighty girl 
Dick which is
Just regular 
Dick under
Another name. 

If you are clever
Then men will hate you
But if you are dumb
You will never survive.
If you please them
They will shame you
But if you fight them
You will die.
If you comply
Then you will 
But if you don't 
Then you will rot
If you worry 
About what
Others think of you
You will pay
With everything that
You have got. 
What are you?

A woman.

So fuck the 
And all of its
Handmaidens too
Fuck their systems
And decisions
And fuck the courts
And juries too.
Fuck the Church
And fuck the 
And fuck all
Those demanding
Fuck all the little
Soldiers who 
Prey upon the 
And fuck all the 
Fucking fuckers
Who ever 
Mistook me 
For weak. 

What am I?


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