It is all on the line now: all that good stuff – that civilized triumvirate of modern secular society, Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell, also known as the right to use contraception, legalization of homosexual sexual activity and legalization of same sex marriage, are in the sights of what increasingly seems like a rogue SCOTUS. It is not only Roe which is at stake. There are flaws in the system, and a stacked conservative SCOTUS is having more impact than an entire Democrat based government and a Democrat President of the United States. Make no mistake it is chaos in the USA, and all sensible fingers are pointed clearly at Trump presidency as the fuel and the ignition material for this massive Christian fundamentalist shift to the extreme right. America, set your watches for the dark ages, because we have time travelled our way there. The Summer of Love? Never happened. Women’s bodies are controlled by a potently evil mix of government and the Patriarchy, and the gay community is having to consider what horror lays in the future for us and how to survive in a hostile world.

Don’t ask me for a solution, I don’t have one that anybody will like. I don’t even have a fair answer. I would say that no women should have sex with men until women’s rights to contraception and abortion are restored on a federal level and are done so in a manner which is unassailable. Of course that doesn’t address the problem that men often take which is not given freely, and rape. Those women who are victims of rape and sexual abuse will also not be able to access abortions. There is no fix for that. Men rape. No matter what we do, no matter how we dress, or talk or act, since time immemorial the male of the species has been forcing his penis on women who don’t want it, and getting a rape conviction is so difficult rape is basically legal.

As far as the consensual, non abusive, though still fraught with issues of power inequality and inequality of risk, straight sex goes, I call on my straight sisters to stop fucking men. A sex strike might wake them all up and actually fight for the rights of women to have autonomy over their bodies and fertility.

That is right, my poor straight female friends, no booty calls, no getting down and dirty with your husbands, or anyone else’s. The boys had better get used to doing Fleetwood Mac’s Rattlesnake Shake all by their lonesomes, because as far as I can see nothing is going to put the brakes on this juggernaut other than men’s libidos being thwarted. Let them go sexless and lets see how long this ridiculous push towards sexual fascism lasts.

Political lesbianism is a valid escape hatch for the sadly straight female as far as I am concerned. I hope the lesbian sisterhood opens their arms to sexual refugees from across the borderline of heterosexuality. Unfortunately, in my experience the lesbian community is vehemently against the idea. Julie Bindel’s fantastic piece addressing the idea of political lesbianism with it’s refrain on ‘come in, the water’s lovely’ received huge and much undeserved pushback, but perhaps it is time to reconsider and declare that men either get their act together and start behaving like human beings, and treating us like human beings, or else fleshlights and right hands it is for the lot of them. Girl’s are doing it for each other, leaving the boys doing themselves. No mercy. No wavering. No booty calls or moments of weakness. We need to travel in female packs, not leaving any stragglers behind, protecting our own as much as we can, until we have autonomy once again.

The middle has failed to hold, just like any sensible Cassandra always thought it would. There was too long a distance to span, with too little support for the moderate, the center, the reasonable, the middle of the road. That bridge has been stretched so far, put under strain by extreme inclusive gender politics that only succeeded in shutting out same sex attracted women, that obviously seeing the success of erasing women from lesbianism sexuality, sports, and single sex awards and spaces, the men have become emboldened. Might as well take it the rest of the way, and get women totally under male control once more, seems to be the gist of this war against women.

I can’t begin to imagine the scale of the disaster that will occur if SCOTUS makes contraception illegal. Not even Italy with its Catholic horrorshow mix of politics and Catholicism does that. No contraception will lead to an explosion of sexually transmitted disease, and combined with no abortion we are back in the dark ages of back street abortions, deaths and infertility. Welcome to the days of the coathanger and a bathtub of hot water will a bottle of gin. Women are going to be forced to bear their rapist’s babies. Incest victims are going to be forced to bear babies that are deformed and a constant reminder of the abuse they suffered. Men are not going to stop sticking their dicks where their dicks don’t belong, but it is going to be women that overwhelmingly pay the price.

It is not just these extreme circumstances which I feel huge amounts of pity for, the ordinary and commonplace issue of women who accidentally fall pregnant, due to being adult human females with desires and mistakes and failures have all my love and sympathy. My abortion falls under this category. I was a young woman, addicted at the time, and I desperately needed the abortion which I easily obtained. It was not without pain, both physical and emotional, but it was absolutely the best thing for me at the time. I didn’t want the baby. Adoption is not the fairytale of happiness that people make it out to be, and I knew that psychologically I would never cope with giving a baby up, so I aborted the fetus and I, whilst sad, remain unashamed of my actions. Women deserve full autonomy. It is a basic human right, which has been attacked from all sides. Women have been under attack for a while now, and this is just the latest salvo against our rights.

The other part of the triumvirate of civilization and politics not imposing their twisted Christian values on the country as a whole, deal with gay sex and gay marriage. I was not surprised that gay marriage was under threat, this much I expected from the likes of SCOTUS, but for them to try and outlaw all homosexual sex – including lesbian sex, not just man on man gay sex, that was legalized in Lawrence vs Texas in 2003 (a date far later than I would have thought), really blew my mind. The Supreme Court ruled that ‘sanctions of criminal punishment for those who commit sodomy are unconstitutional.’ Sodomy includes both anal and oral homosexual activity. We are looking at a dystopian future where the homosexual community is under threat of legal sanction once more, and that for all of society proclaiming that love is love, for all the posturing of Pride week, everything is fucked, and not in a good way.

2022 is going to be known as the anti-summer of love. Contraception, abortion, gay sex, the right to marry who you love is all being threatened by those who are meant to rule for the people, for the people’s wishes, and instead are insinuating themselves into our sex lives and love lives with their screwed up right wing christian conservative morality. Add to this the health panics around monkeypox and covid, where no one wants to get close to other people out of fear of either scarring poxes or other disease, and we have a perfect storm. Sex is over. Love is dead. Romance? A thing of the past. Back to furtive meetings, living with your ‘best friend’ for your entire life and them having none of the benefits of being your spouse. Back to back street abortions which maim and kill women. Back to the days where to be pregnant was even more dangerous to a woman than it had to be. Back to the days of misery and hiding. Back to the reality that women’s right and gay rights were never safe, secure or even vaguely enough. Everything has been Trumped by hatred and judgement and the push towards being ‘correct’ instead of live and let live, and I, for one, hate it with a passion.

Say it with me, let it be the battle cry in the war of words and ideas that is going to ensue, in my opinion just as vicious and dangerous a battle as the one that activists are waging in the streets in their legal peaceful protests, fighting for rights to be restored and secured: Freedom!


  1. Ruth

    Spot on. The undermining of democracy in the US, by the Supreme Court no less, is so dangerous. Things are not great in the UK – and will get worst if our right-wing government leaves the European Court of Human Rights (as it intends to do) – but we’re not as far down the road as you are. Worrying times.

    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      It is terrifying. These people have no right imposing their values on others. Let them not have abortions, use contraception and not have gay relationships. They need to mind their own business, not impose it on the rest of the country, taliban-style! I am very concerned.The UK doesnt have the evangelical xian issue…I hope at least on these other issues you will be ok. The adult human females need to take charge, sis…xxx HUGS

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