scary shark opening mouth in water

Shark Dreams

I dream of sharks
With two legs 
Human arms
And shark faces.
They have me trapped
In hospitals
And other
Inhospitable places.
Lean over
Fish breath
Delicate hands
On my breasts
At my head
Before they 
Eat my 
Face off
And I'm dead. 

The people around
Me cannot see 
The sharks
Their eyes are closed
To reality, 
They live in 
The dark. 
The people around me
Tell me to be still
That the sharks
Are trying to help,
I wish there was a pill
I could give them 
So that they could see
Who are the sharks
When you are
Someone like me. 

The sharks are walking
They are on the rise
They have no feeling
In their blank fishy eyes.
Their hands are supple
Their movements precise
Their teeth are churning
Knives cut on 
Innocence and ICE. 
The sharks smell blood
Whenever they get close
To me,
The sharks are working
On dragging me out
To make a feast of in 
Their wide borderless
Sargasso Sea. 

My blood is in the water
I make good shark tea. 

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