Juliet in Memories: First Kiss

Juliet sat on the floor of my room
Legs akimbo wearing stripes and
Cotton, face freckled by 
The stars and lit by Diana's moon.
Hair in black curls falling gentle
As the dew
As she said she loved me
And I told her that I 
Loved her too. 

Juliet looking playful, a smile 
Drifting across her face
Didn't know how beautiful
Nor how full of grace 
Was the plump of her mouth
Or the curve of each apple breast
Or the delicate spread of fingers
That beckoned me to rest. 

She pulled me down in front of her
And offered to brush my hair
I sat between her patterned thighs
And wondered how to share.
Then Juliet she kissed me,
She shivered a little in the fear
That I would jump up hastily
And leave her desolate in tears. 

I pulled her arms around me
I kissed each and every finger
As I told her that I meant it
And let my kisses linger
And finally when she realized
That my love was not of the
Casual kind, she laughed
So sweet and freely as she 
Proceeded to blow my mind. 

One day a year or so later
Her mother called my phone
Told me her Juliet had passed
Into the great beyond.
That Juliet had wanted to talk to me
But didn't know my number,
She went downhill so quickly
And then all there was left was slumber. 
I was left there still sitting
This time with a needle in my arm
I tried  so hard to reach her
But my Juliet was gone. 


    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      Juliet and I were an interracial lesbian couple. It was immensely kind of her mother to be so gentle with me, and so kind when she broke the news of her death to me. For what it is worth, I loved Juliet immensely. She was funny, cute, intelligent, beautiful, just a wonderful young woman. I often think that perhaps if I had stayed with her, and not put myself back in the closet, that she might have survived, which is ridiculous, since she died of a very fast moving cancer at a young age. I dream of her often, and think of her regularly. I had moved onto a life she was not at all interested in. Our paths had diverged by the time she died, but oh, the pain. Poor Juliet. Dumb me. I wish I had been kinder and nicer to her when she was alive.

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