Fade Away: For Juliet In Memories

Outside the day is grey
And the lights burn yellow
Through the foggy haze,
Juliet sits by her window screen
Dreaming of flowers and hours
Floating downstream

And the life fades away
And the light turns to grey
And all of the sounds of the city hush
For Juliet's remembering her
Lost lovers' touch.

There is a particular shade of blue
That always makes me think of you
It's the color of summer
The color of cold
The color of the sea
As the nighttime folds

And the life fades away
And the day turns to grey
And all of the sounds that 
Spoke of love
Rush up to the surface
And boil off hot in the blood.

Juliet wonders if she can hold on
Just like she's been 
Doing for so very long. 
She presses her nose to 
The window pane
Lets the marine layer
Soothe away the shame

Of a life she let fade away
And another wasted day
And all of the sweetness
She holds in her heart
Turns to stone
And drags her
Into the dark.

It is not unusual to 
Become a living tomb
Within the boundaries
Of a third floor room
A mausoleum for memories
So pure and blue they shake
The leaves off the trees

And make the world fade away
And the sadness melt into grey
She drinks a toast to the ghost
Of her heart and to a love that 
Remains, though they were 
Forced to part. 


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