In Times Of Trouble Mother Lou Comes to Me…

Mother Lou is singing down
On the dirty boulevard,
He is trailing hopes and 
Streamers, and sinners 
By the yard,
And all his words and actions
They comfort and console
He dispenses crank and 
Benevolences and blesses
Every lost and lonely

And all the heat is white
And all the light a song
And every dark and lonesome
Night is to be spent 
With guitars and telephones
Getting gone gone gone
Getting gone gone gone:
He's gone away with Candy
He's on the road with Jackie
Riding Jane's Bearcat past 
The corner with sweet Sally
Who dances while waiting for the man
Who says she can't but boy she can can
Can Sally can, can can!

The vinyl icons sit upon the shelves of 
The hip and the Lady of Pleasure seekers
They are looking out for crumbs
That might tell 'em where to meet her -
That Lady of Indulgence with her
Man of leather and letters
Who was unfettered by the shouldas
And couldas, and never evers
They say:

Please send to us 
Protection from hassle
For wanting to play 
Good ball for the coach.
For loving who we love 
How we love to the most!
And if that fails
Send to us the Poppy
And send to us the Fire
Send to us the whiskey
And the powders that
Hook us up to the live wire
Mother Lou bring the party
Mother Lou bring the heat
Bring all the artists
The hustlers and the freaks
Arm us all with notebooks
Bring on the pleasure dome
So we may survive
The gutter politics
And bring the lost ones home!

And when times of trouble
Come and deaden every buzz
And all the knocks on the door
Are spongers or the fuzz
Come take us away on your 
Clipper ship, float us a 
Manhattan murder mystery
Don't turn away from 
Poverty, the cruelty and misery
Oh help us, Lou get gone
Gone gone gone!
Help us get some 
Gone gone gone!

Mother Lou is staggering
Down 5th Avenue
You know he has the secrets
And knows more than you do
He has the key to the Kingdom
He knows the final score
And when the desert swept in
Was always able to find more
More more
But now he is gone gone gone
Lou's gone gone gone.


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