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Snapshot, Honey!

All words, music and performance by me, The Paltry Sum aka Detroit Richards.
Snapshot Honey

Snapshot honey in the middle of the night
Crack shot baby, everything gonna be alright
You are a backdoor sweetheart in the middle of the room
Like a lightbulb sitting in the center of a tomb.
Bobby said the guard is changing, the power's all run out
Love ain't enough but it sure beats Twist and Shout.

Beachside Angel with a candy store smile
You're a mile ahead gotta wait a little while
Pearl's got your back, and a devil's on your shoulder
Gotta play the game, gotta be a little bolder.
Barefoot dancing, Chelsea in the rain.
Everyone knows for pleasure you gotta deal in a little pain.

Train tracks locker room pretty for a boy
Smash his head wide open, give yourself a little joy.
Hot wax St James coffee shop
Glass shatter book store cream rises to the top
Horses horses dragging you away
They say 'My my" you already moved onto "Hey Hey!"

Ornamental factory made knickknacks
Smooth sheen powder pancake glitter dust
Boys all strutting only for themselves
Baby baby baby left up upon the shelf
Gloria Gloria poppy picking scream, 
I bow down to the New York Queen.

You are a picture perfect Rimbaud recollect
Paris graveside marionette
Sepia deepest darkest souvenir
If I had a clipper ship could we disappear?
Do the watusi switchblades preferred
Dance the sweet pea, your voice was all I heard.

You are a far more deserving inventor then
All those who went before you
A musician in fact:
Someone who found something 
Resembling the key of love....

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