two white and black chess knights facing each other on chess board


In the end of it all
Is it better to have 
Hid and ran
Appeased and
Tried in vain
To avoid the
Biggest bang;
Or should we 
Do and some 
Of us die?
Run towards
Danger and
The 'little guy' - 
Even though 
All of us would 
Suffer and some
Of us die now
Not later
Should we all
Be soldiers or
Push that paper?

Why ask me?
I only know a 
Little about 
Where to get the 
Best price in 
San Francisco
On some legal high;
Lou Reed and
David Bowie
Steel guitar strings
And Mowie Wowie,
How much acid is
Too much, 
Best bars of the 90s
New York bundles
Hunter S Thompson
Gonzo treks
Neal Cassady
And Jack Kerouac. 
My own 'do or die's'
Have been personal 
Battles with only
A few people at
The mercy of my 
Hell's door is open,
And powerful men
Deal in division.

I used to play chess
But only ever made 
An almighty mess
That said, I don't see
The boys doing much
Better than me.
Two knight endgame.
Capture the King:
If April is the 
Cruellest month
This queen is 
Heading back to base. 
Reciprocal dilemma
Less speed....
More haste. 


    1. The Paltry Sum: Detroit Richards

      Get that pawn to the other side of the board and promote it. There are enough pawns to fight back against the tyranny….maybe? I had a nasty accident a couple of days ago, and have a concussion, two bruised eyes, and a messed up leg. Maybe it made me a little kooky, but I am not going to just accept we are doomed.

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